What can attract people to network marketing?

How to attract people to network marketing. Where to take on people in MLM business

Immediately I want to state: In this article I will describe the psychologies of new employees in MLM business as well as work with existing traders. So how to attract people in the MLM company and increase employee efficiency?

If you are the MLM business owner, or a recruit who already has your own network (i.e. zinc dealers), you probably had to come up with situations when the stations say that certain promotion methods don't work. Make sure that their employees who don't bring the expected income don't make sense. However, it makes sense to influence them in this way in order to achieve the necessary result - profit and attraction of new recruits.

Applications to the subject that something is not working has no reason for it and it is clear to you. You, but not a distributor who has already trusted familiar invitations and worked on cold calls and distributed the leaflets - and did not receive the result. In such a situation it is necessary to glue in his position, and then it becomes clear that the recruit is on the verge of disappointment in your company or in network marketing as such.

How to act As long as your employee doesn't understand that the problem isn't in advertising, but the way you work becomes personal - nothing changes. Here is your job to give it in order to understand it. But how? In no case right in the forehead, similar to, "Yes, where is the advertisement? They don't work, no advertisement!" Leave such a statement and it will be fair, but you will not get the result you want. Therefore, first find the arguments that serve your tools in order to work with such a distributor.

Example: "Advertising not working (cold calls, leaflets, cold contacts, etc)? Do you think if this method was not effective, there would be so many MLM companies for many years?" The answer to this question is obvious. Next, you should keep these tactics, "i.e. since this method is basically effective, does it work? And since the method still works, but you can't do it, what could be the reason?"

You need to summarize the employee on the fact that he will adopt himself, and then realize that he is not using any tools correctly, and no tools are not working. Next, surely you need to reassure it, the phrase seems to be, "Do not worry, we are all through! I know what to do!" And you need to study the techniques of work of this tool that supposedly do not work. About it and tell a desperate distributor.

Group membership. How do i use it? Psychology MLM.

Now I'm going to talk about one method that will help convince people to become your distributors. The basics of psychology suggest that every person has the need to attach themselves to a certain category and gain recognition in their circle.

You can stand up for a long time on the benefits of your company by waving in front of a potential employee in the charts showing the functions. career growthBut it won't perceive it properly. For him, these are not arguments that make him want to work with you. But belonging to the category of people who will look attractive - argument.

The method is the suggestion of making a choice between the categories that your interlocutor may want to belong to. In comparison, it is necessary to understand the obvious benefits of working with you.

Example: "There are two categories of people: those who pay to visit the gym and those who don't pay. Which of these categories would you like to be in?"

"There are two categories of people: those who create their own business and make a profit that their employees bring, and those who work on the boss himself and bring him a profit. What category do you want to be in?"

Speak what people want to hear. Psychology MLM.

Now I don't mean the uncompromising flattery that makes the ears heavy and can stick somewhere. I'm talking about the motivation with which you attract new employees.

Remember, you said you informed about which car you bought after doing network marketing? About their titles, awards, prizes? If so, you're getting burned on your nose: these are your successes. A stranger can admire them, but not the fact that he feels about the same achievement. No matter how promoted you are, nobody wants to listen to a lecture. But what do people want to hear? Where is the chip that causes a third party targeting desire to instantly get under your confident entourage?

People don't want to hear about your achievements, but how did you help someone become successful? Talk about dealers who rose to high levels thanks to working with you. When people hear about what you have accomplished, the first thing they will feel is the difference between your position and their position. And this difference can cause annoyance, boredom, but does not immediately imply network marketing. Talk about those whose position was the same as your prospects and have gotten a lot better. Identify your role in the growth of your dealers. So they create confidence that they will be supported at every stage.

Free education

People, aware that signing up did not oblige them to enjoy working together, went to training. Opinions about him were not only positive but delightful. And note that the company and the principles of their work are only called casually. Anyone infected with enthusiasm stayed in the company, and after they donned their familiar story stories.

I told you this story as an example where free education played a vital role in filling the company with new employees. Subsequently, these employees who are motivated to work, give good results.

So don't forget that the outcome of your distributors is your outcome. Study and motivate them!

I wish you inspiration and confidence that you do. It will likely infect others!

As you have an idea, you decide for all that you decide the question with which people attack your company network marketing?

As in. network marketing Attracting people, this is probably one of the most frequently asked questions between MLM business entrepreneurs. This question was constant, there is and is relevant. Only units of networks could build their business not to think about this problem.

I'll say more, they built their business so that the flow of people to them into the business would be so great that they would give the leaders of their depth to their teams. because in the first line of people there is a lot, and many of them they simply will not deal with.

Do you want to be with your business?

But let's be alright. So why do you need to be able to attract people? network marketing? there is permanent flow of people for you in business - the team is growing. The team grows - your income grows. Grow your income - everything is cool

You can afford to reach new financial levels. Live where you want Drive this car that likes. Show off to your family. Travel with the family wherever you want and not where there is enough money. Allow children to attend educational classes, clothes you need to consider.

To get out of this, you need to do a good job. If you are looking for a magic tablet that will solve your problem in a moment with people getting involved in network marketing and expecting you to wake up to a man who has a million in his account - I am going to upset you, you will not get it such information. Feel free to close the article. Don't waste your time.

If you're not in that category of people then let's fix, let's begin

Now I'm going to share with you 5 steps you can take to create a powerful stream of people network marketing.

1. Determine the target audience

The first thing that owes itself is the entrepreneur, and what 90% of business success depends on it is absolutely a business to determine the target of the target audience.

If you don't know who your KA is, offer to offer your business, your product, a service at every first glance on your way. Because of this, you get a lot of failures. You start to get your hands up. Stop acting. There is uncertainty in itself and in business and suddenly it doesn't work.

Unfortunately, the units of network marketing entrepreneurs can properly assemble the target audience's avatars.

No, I didn't make it up. How it is. A large number of people come to me for advice, and so far none of them manage to boast of knowing how to define a Central Asia.

Now let's determine your customer's avatar. Now take the handle and the notepad. Carefully specify the following items:

1. Soil and age
2. Who works. What income.
3. What hobbies.
4. What problems, pain.
5. Of all the problems, highlight the strongest, fat.

1. Ruslan, 32 years old. Married. 2 children.
2. Head of the sales department. Sales 80,000 rubles / month.
3. He is interested in sports - skates, skiing, basketball. Involved in self development. Loves to travel.
4. Tired of work, can't selfie. In terms of income, rested in the ceiling. Leads Little Time Family work takes a lot of time. Etc.
5. Spends little time with his family. Located in the ceiling in the financial plan. Can't realize itself.

Make 3-4 avatar. You can be absolutely different.

2. Determine the landing pages

Determine in which groups, publics, communities, social networks your Central Asia is.

As in. Network marketing Attract people

3. Package yourself as an expert

Correct your own social network. High quality, good photo on the avatar. Update and add new photos to the photo album regularly. Right status. Fill in.

Because when a person comes to your side first, he gets to know you. View photos Reads status information about you. If you are a badge at this step, the person will leave.

If the post was useful, click. For me it will be a signal that this topic is interesting for you and I will share even more experiences and knowledge.


See you later,
- Dmitry.

So you attract the people to use the network marketing on the internet

You have your own business product or service, or you are involved in network marketing anyway, you have a service or product that you need to sell. And you are faced with the task of finding customers.

I'm going to talk about online you attract the customer, but I want you to understand and an important difference between offline and online.

If you are working offline and you have an institution then the street it is on is likely to be people walking and therefore someone will go to you and take advantage of your offer.
And everything is wrong on the internet. To find out about yourself you have to constantly remind yourself and pion yourself, for example through your website, I hope you have it, if not, get it.

One of the differences from going offline, the fact that instead of renting the space you are here you have to pay for the rental of hosting (for your website). And the cost is absolutely different first stage. In this regard, the internet wins.

Now you have a website and you are registered on various social networks. Important: Facebook, VKontakte, Instagram.

At this point, you need to understand that you are not promoting the company you are working on and yourself as an expert and a brand. In that case, regardless of whether you are already, or just if you become uninteresting with one company and you are going to see prospects with another company, then you will change it, and then all of your conveyors will not go away.

1. venkontakte.

Social networks are in the first place because you - what you often need to receive lots of messages from potential customers. And to run social networks you don't need to hire a designer and a programmer to create a website. All you have to do is take notes and share your experience with your readers.

First, you need some good photos. It is desirable that the photo is in business style. The main thing is that you look good.

Your account in vkontakte

In addition to your account, you need to trade regularly: write notes, interesting posts on business and share your experience, which will also be useful to others. Of course, you first have to do everything yourself, then some of these tasks that you can delegate to the Freeplaner.

In the initial stages, after creating an account, added adding people to people who are interested in your product as well as people who are involved in a networking business as they are your potential customers too.

All the people who see in your friends in your friends will see your posts in our messages when you post them on your wall.

In the day you add about 40 people. Just write that you have similar interests and you will share your experience pleasantly. Don't write all the same messages. Otherwise you will spend a lot of time and vk may ban you for spam. Try not to spend more than 30 minutes a day on social networks. Remember that social networks are an addition to home business and offline work. You share your experience and success and in time you will have an audience that will read you and want to work with you later.

Configure CrossPosting in the VC settings for your posts that have also been published on Facebook and Twitter, and you won't have to spend more time copying content manually.

today network marketing changed a lot. And if in the past some methods and techniques were unconditionally attracted to the company of new people, today they have simply lost their power.

Develop and strengthen number of employees in the company, you need to adapt below modern tendenciesand apply trend chips. I want to talk about it today. In this article, I am going to reveal 11 secrets to you attract partnerin the modern network marketing..

Push I. Marketing pull.

marketing - The inform the company about the company's activities. Through various information channels ( internet resources, Advertisements in newspapers, etc.) You try to convey information about yourself and your work with the purpose to as many people as possible attract new employees..

Marketing pull.- reverse system work that requires careful training. As a result, people themselves are interested in working on you. How to make such work that we will talk about.

Work online.and offline.

The first type of work is more common and traditional. In this case, you communicate physically with customers, hold meetings in the office or restaurant, spend presentations.

Work offline- The work online. (Skype, social networks, etc.)

At the beginning of his activities, 80% of the working hours should receive offline work and 20% - online. In practice, this approach has been shown to allow entry of $ 1000 in 2-3 months.

After applying your result for that number, devote the same amount of time to yourself online and offline.

If you go for an S / N of $ 5000 the situation is reversed - 20% of the time - working offline, 80% - online.

However, the top pilot is considered the stage when networking only pays 10% of the working time to conduct face-to-face, live presentations, etc. with clients, etc. The most networked networks (in most cases) use almost the all the time to work online.

Usually 24 hours

Every time I communicate with potential MlmPartner, I draw a picture of our subsequent collaboration. I study it, ask you questions about work, its priorities, purposes, desires.

It's so simple you can't even imagine. Often times, from the first meeting, it is easy to understand that you are or are not working with this person.So use the imagination and create your collaborative television series in your head.

On the other hand, don't let go of the newcomer for more than 24 hours. At least once a day you need to deal with the successes of your subordinate, control their work. This approach is justified for decades and brings explicit results.

When I came to MlmAs a traditional electric satellite and athlete, I chose to present myself properly. He took an old costume out of the closet that was still going to school in, bought it a thin trendy tag and started going inside.

After that, rumors began to spread that customers sometimes asked my neighbors, "And you know who that is Alexander class.? What does he represent? "

They replied, “Yes, he is a successful and serious person. Has a higher education.” Although in fact no higher education I have no and I studied poorly in school. Just worth changing the scene and going into a suit every day.

In addition, my opinion began to be respected, and I confided in it. And as you understand, it couldn't affect my development.

Sales by phone

In the network business phone sales. - one of the most important cases. So if you need to contact a new person, immediately check their skills.

What means "without deviating from the cash register" offers a potential partner to call at least 10 people from their phone book and to make these people a proposal for cooperation. Even based on their reaction (often in such cases, people are trying to sleep), you can understand whether or not you should spend time for that person.

Important moment. Once you've received contacts, don't rush to call them until you read the following.

99.9% of the potential partners (from whom you got your valued contacts) against the fact that you mention their names when we offer about the work. And you have to somehow explain to a person where you got his phone number from. Therefore, I offer you the following solution to the problem.

You say that there are many people among your partners and you do not remember who exactly recommended you to call this number. Such an "invisible partner". Maybe send them to you (which happens extremely rarely). Then this is obviously not the person you should be working with.

Of course, we didn't consider all 11 partner attraction methods. We will talk in more detail in the remaining 5 in the next publication.

But do not lose the time and start reading information already in practice. And don't forget to comment on this publication and offer your chips to make customers believe.

Facebook comments

Nowadays network marketing is widespread. large numbers of people in the small business sphere. W. this business There is some kind of concept - to attract as many people as possible to the team and sell the company's products. In other words, the marketing system is a scheme of selling a manufacturer's product by having a party to intermediaries between those who sell the goods and those who have a desire to sell it. The flow of those who wish is expanded, the company's income will increase in the future, in the future you can reach a new level of income.

Network Marketing in Russia

Before that, network marketing enjoyed great demand. It is possible to remember the time when representatives of the companies made an apartment turn with their offers. Many years have passed and the system is popular with organizations.

Network marketing is a very beneficial system for expanding business between entrepreneurs and dates back to the nineties. He pursues his goals by introducing new ideas and money makeup systems.

To date, you can highlight five largest companies, which many have heard and even enjoyed their products. Almost everyone has a familiar manager in one of the most popular networked marketing companies in Russia. The following organizations include Cosmetics, Perfumes, Home Products, Healthy Eating, which has greatly expanded their network influence in the marketplace. These organizations include:

  • Avon;
  • Oriflame;
  • Mary Kay;
  • Amvay;
  • Faberlic.

There is also NL Network Marketing, many other companies. The number of companies in network marketing is growing every year.

These network marketing companies in Russia have expanded their horizons significantly. They are known and very popular in many countries, both in Russia and abroad, for example, in European countries.

Rating company.

  1. Avon.
  2. Oriflame.
  3. Faberlic.
  4. Amway
  5. Nl int.
  6. "Siberian Health".
  7. Herbalife.
  8. Mary Kay.

Basically, the statistics are the most requested by potential buyers.

How do you attract people to network marketing? About this next one.

Network Marketing: Positive and Negative Parties

The marketing system is a kind of special process to attract new individuals and potential customers to the product produced by the company that is asked with the contact of the buyer and the manufacturer.

The program of the organizations is open, as the returns and benefits of the collaboration are not only those who implemented the project, but those who have joined the ranks that offer the goods. In addition, for this scenario, it is very real, it all depends on the number of goods sold. The downside is the fact that workspaces in this area are also required to help promote goods, thereby doing the initial sales.

It is possible to find out the pros and cons of network marketing, you can find out the impact of the business on the consumers of these goods, workers attracting new customers and organizations.

So it is safe to say that the pluses of the scheme:

  • the ability to earn an income that is unlimited;
  • lack of contribution money on advertising;
  • it is not necessary to rent a separate room;
  • you don't have to pay for the delivery of products, there is no close association with government organizations, you don't need to prepare documentation reports.

You can also assign some kind of advantages to working in the marketing network:

  • receipt of constant income (both for employees and for the company itself);
  • no authorities that will stand above the soul with the order to function within a certain time work;
  • there are no age categories;
  • availability of the favorable schedule of work, on which you can combine work and family;
  • improvement of qualification and development of personal qualities.

The negative parties of network marketing can go through the need to create their own team to create the full-fledged sales as the individuals who have talent for sales will greatly improve and accelerate the development of the company. To the factors of this work can be assigned:

  • different income as it is not always possible to sell enough products;
  • a sense of responsibility for others in which a feeling of pressure appears in the plan of psychology;
  • sufficient moral burden among buyers as there is a need to communicate with potential customers.

Network Marketing Online.

There are many ways to sell the company's products, but currently the implementation of the goods through the global Internet network is widespread, which is much more convenient than in the apartments that your company offers cosmetics and perfumes. It is convenient to search for customers by emailing suggestions about the product or the company's vacancy. Don't forget to pop-up messages on different websites with vacancies in one or another marketing system. Network marketing on the internet has many tools.

target group

Most often, work and part-time advertisements are aimed at network users who don't fit in with their wages, as well as the fact that behind the workload at work, one person pays little time for family. Next up is a cheap and attractive job offer on a team of a whole system that will allow you to earn an income without departing from a stationary computer, without leaving your home, without having to work across town. However, do not forget that working on the marketing network on the Internet suggests that it is necessary to communicate with customers who are just as good at cooking, and a little annoyed, they will call and write. For this it is necessary to be morally moral as it should always be kept calm and the goodwill of a potential buyer.

Marketing "Oriflame"

Not on such a concept, many famous Oriflame company, worthy of its employees, is worthwhileDespite the fact that you need to be online and communicate with people, in addition to the fact that sometimes you can order their branded goods in the catalog. You can get to the right level by being a member of the Network Marketing Oriflame program but remember that the big bucks won't work right away as it is necessary to develop a customer base and a regular buyer. New employees and customers should be actively involved.

Network Marketing "Oriflame" applies to the employees of the company themselves. When the employee himself orders the goods, points are also charged as a percentage of the order amount, and the more points in the account, the higher the probability of a new one To change level.

NL Network Marketing is working on a similar system. The company produces natural products for beauty and health.

How to Attract Customers in Network Marketing

In order to invite as many customers as possible to cooperation, it is necessary to decide on the target group, which should rely on the needs of its services. How do you attract people to network marketing? It is necessary to pull certain faces in relation to the buyer that needs to be focused.

Basic accents when choosing a customer contingent

How do you attract people to network marketing? The target group must request:

  • floor;
  • Age;
  • Workplace;
  • hobbies and hobbies;
  • possible problems with the skin, appearance.

The main should present possible problems contingent people who should stress. Then you can already determine in which communities, social networks, etc. to search for people to promote goods. It is worth creating a group of suitable characters, leaving the most suitable photo on the main page. Regularly update the product range and stocks in order to attract as many people as possible to be interested in buying over the Internet. And most importantly: the site should not be a direct call from the employee of the company to buy products from him, it is necessary to make it hidden and inconspicuous.

Next up is one of the most important facts. successful work. - This is the listing of your product. You can record a video for sale that also plays on the hand and is interested in a significant number of people. It is also worth creating all the conditions for the employee by the side of the employee who has passed a large flow of people.

How to attract partners

The participation of partners in the marketing network is understood to mean how to invite new employees to the team. Just like attraction customers, you can get new employees through the global internet network which includes many job vacancies, communities, public, publishers, promotional cards with proposed positions with decent income including newspapers. The essence is to convey information about yourself and cooperation with the company. Such a proposal for work is called as push marketing. There is also a concept called pull marketing that is the offset and requires a lot more effort. After examining how these methods work, you won't think about attracting partners in network marketing.

Work online and offline

How do you attract people to network marketing? You can work and live on the internet as well as on the internet. Optionally, an offline employee communicates directly with buyers, for example in an office or a restaurant. The second option carries a job in network marketing on the internet and simply social networks, e.g.

  • Skype;
  • "In contact with";
  • "ODNOKLASSNIKI" and others.

In the percentage at the beginning of his career, 80% of her time consisted of working offline and only 20% - working online. Such indicators bear fruit after two or three months of work at such a rate that it is possible to earn about a thousand dollars. After the income passes for that number, you can start with the same time and offline entry. The situation will acquire another turnaround after the result exceeds five thousand dollars, since after that 20% of the offline time and 80% has to pay online. To get to a new level, it is necessary to create a situation where customers only attract ten percent to communicate directly with buyers, that is, face to face, live presentations of products and so on.

Usually 24 hours

How do you attract people in network marketing in other ways, what are the functions and segless rules? There is a so-called rule of twenty-four hours, when an employee draws a portrait of his conversation sport in his head with every communication with a potential partner, presents a picture of the subsequent cooperation, asks questions about work, asks the For the future employee presents it the greatest value, what priorities he puts in front of him, what goals and wishes. For an employee who knows his business and already has a skill of work, this will not be a lot of work, since at the first meeting you can understand whether it is possible to work with the interlocutor.

On the other hand, you shouldn't miss a new employee of more than 24 hours. For at least once a day, an employee who took the newcomer to their team should exercise appropriate control over their work to avoid the unfinished person who then needs to be corrected. Some time follows the actions of a person who is on a team. By creating a customer base and attracting new employees, the organization ensures revenue and will yield to all those who may, if desired, heights in network marketing.