What are good ideas for a bet

What can you bet on? 5 good ideas

Great, the bet stands! Now that "Wetten dass" has long since disappeared, you have to get down to work yourself. And such a small, fine know-it-all competition is also fun from time to time, isn't it? But what can you bet on? After all, the wagering is essential in the whole. Betting debts are debts of honor, but they can also be pretty nasty. We have a few ideas for the next bets with friends.

It has to be a bit of fun: As long as you don't take bets too seriously, the little games here and there can be very amusing. The bet itself can be about anything: Bet that you won't be able to finish your glass of water within 10 seconds? Bet I can sing along to the entire lyrics by heart? Bet that I can stare at you longer than you can without blinking (also popular: the laughing variant)? Challenge accepted. Let the games begin!

What makes good bets stand out? Not only through the betting thesis itself, but also through a good bet! Whether you bet with your friend or a few buddies makes a small difference, of course. The stakes can differ here. So what do you want each time you have won a bet? From harmless to funny to sparkling, here are our ideas on what to bet on.

What can you bet on? From harmless to sparkling:

1. Cinema or dinner invitation

This bet is suitable for both friends and friends in general. The winner is invited to something by the loser! Whether to the cinema, to a meal in a restaurant (or at home), to a picnic or just to have a drink at the next club visit, a little boon for the won bet is always good and can be redeemed as a betting debt.

2. The long-awaited shoes vs. the latest soccer jersey

This could of course be expensive, which is why you should think about this bet beforehand. But how sweet is the victory when the pumps that you have wanted for a long time land in your shoe cabinet as a prize? On the other hand, you have to expect that your friend or buddy will happily throw himself into a new jersey if you lose. Financed by you.

3. Nasty bets: forbid words, cut your hair, walk half-naked around the block ...

There are of course a number of diabolical wagers that make redeeming betting debts really mean. While the winner laughs up his sleeve, the loser has a few embarrassing or at least emotionally tough minutes ahead of them. Anyone who accepts such a betting outcome has to be really brave, because it can backfire quickly!

4. An (extended) massage

Haaach. A win can be so relaxing! Not for the loser, of course. What can you bet on? Very classic: A massage for the length of a predetermined period of time that benefits the winner of the bet. Couples can also try the sexy nuru massage.

5. Hot sex bets with the boyfriend

Are you asking yourself in particular: What can I bet on with my friend? Then perk up your ears now, it's going to be tingly! After all, redeeming betting debts does not always have to end in absolute shame or a small financial crisis. Especially for lovers there is a completely different kind of reward or punishment. It would be a good bet for your friend and you, for example, if the winner can decide how the next love game will go. From the positions to the sex toys used, he or she can decide. Or how about if someone who loses a round in small competitions takes off an item of clothing? Nobody can actually lose on this mission. A classic win-win situation!

Are you also looking for cool party games? Then you are exactly right here!

Bet on what Hopefully we have now answered this question and provided you with a few suggestions for the next spontaneous betting fun with your friend or friends. Do you have any other ideas for good bets? Let us know!

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