Is it a desirable quality to be stubborn?

Strength of character: This is where it shows

You have a really strong character ... It's really high praise and a token of appreciation when you meet someone Strength of character certified. This person must have made a big impression with their behavior. The character defines a person, shows how someone really is and significantly influences, how a person is perceived by his environment. Strength of character is considered to be the optimum that everyone tries to achieve. The strength of a character consists of many different traits. These 11 strengths of character are particularly impressive ...

Strength of Character Definition: This is what defines a strong character

A strong character is considered desirable, but when it comes to the question of what exactly constitutes strength of character, there is often perplexity at first. The concept itself is difficult to grasp, which is why other traits are often used that are interpreted as strengths of character - a sense of justice, humility, a sense of duty or honesty.

Strength of character can also be expressed as Stand up for your own values ​​and views understand. A person with strong character can express his or her own opinion, does not shy away from contradicting others and does not allow himself to be bent. In this case, true character strength only shows when different characters meet.

Also, strength of character can be great subjective and may be perceived very differently by others. To assert oneself and not to give in immediately when a headwind comes up, shows a strong character, but may only appear stubborn and unreasonable to the other person.

Strength of character: these 11 characteristics set you apart

Those who are not yet completely convinced of their own strength of character do not have to hang their heads in frustration. Not everyone is endowed with a strong character from birth - but one can develop and even be promoted over time. Your own character can still be shaped over the years and so you can also acquire important and sought-after properties that you have not yet been able to include in your repertoire. We show you 11 strengths of characterthat you find particularly impressive in others:

  1. You are brave

    It is very impressive when someone faces their fears, leaps beyond their own shadow and really shows courage. This is mainly because most of them wish to be a little braver themselves, but in the end they don't trust themselves and prefer to stick to the well-known things that they believe they can completely control.

  2. You stand by your opinion

    There are enough flags in the wind that will always align your opinion with the boss or with the greatest chances of success. It is therefore a really impressive strength of character to represent your own opinion and to stand by it even in the face of headwinds and criticism. It shows that you are really convinced and have the necessary self-confidence to discuss your point of view with others.

  3. You know your strengths

    How do you react when asked about your strengths? Many of them need a moment to think about an answer because it is difficult to assess and name their own strengths. A strong character knows what he is good at and can speak openly about it - without falling into praise of his own abilities and self-adulation.

  4. You accept your weaknesses

    In addition to their strengths, everyone also has their own personal weaknesses. You can deny this to yourself and others and play it down. Those who accept them, stand by their weaknesses and know how to deal with them have a strong character. This can mean asking for help at the right moment from someone who understands a topic better, or creating a plan for how to work on a weakness.

  5. You stand up for others

    Everyone should have a healthy dose of selfishness, but that's not really impressive. It is completely different with selfless action. Those who stand up for others without looking for their own advantage are not only respected by others, but also show that their character is strong enough not to be dependent on confirmation or reward.

  6. You are loyal

    With friends as well as at work, the following applies: It is easy to simply run away when you have difficulties and to look for your own happiness elsewhere. Sometimes that might even be the right strategy, but you prove your strength of character by being loyal and not leaving the sinking ship, but instead looking for solutions together to get it running again.

  7. You are always honest

    The truth is not always beautiful, and sometimes it is immensely painful. It is all the more impressive when you manage to always be honest and not resort to lies in order to avoid an unpleasant truth. If you always stand behind what you say and can always be honest with yourself and others, you have a particularly strong character.

  8. You are satisfied with yourself

    Strength of character and self-confidence are closely related. If you feel comfortable in your own skin and are satisfied with the situation, it speaks for a strong character. Instead of sinking into self-doubt and self-pity, you accept yourself and the circumstances and take the things that you don't like into your own hands.

  9. You can say no

    It's a problem that many struggle with: You always want to please everyone, even if that means bending over or giving in on a regular basis. The fear of being rejected or not belonging to a group is too great. It is an impressive strength of character to say no from time to time, to know one's own limits and to insist that these are adhered to.

  10. You take responsibility

    Everyone likes to reap the credit for success and good performance. However, when it comes to the consequences of a mistake or a bad decision, most would like to avoid it and reject the guilt. But this is exactly what makes a strong character and it can have a great effect when someone openly admits a mistake, takes responsibility and at the same time solves the problem they have caused.

  11. You have a lot of patience

    We live in a fast-paced world where everything is best done immediately. Hardly anyone wants to wait for something, especially not for the positive things in life. But patience is a great strength of character. Patient people are able to postpone a reward, make objective decisions, and set important priorities.

Strength of character: sayings and quotes

  • Character is based on personality, not talent.Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
  • Character is the epitome of conscious and unconscious will.Walther Rathenau
  • If you want to know the character of a person, give him power.Abraham Lincoln
  • The men of character are the conscience of the society to which they belong.Samuel Smiles
  • Character is formed between success and failure, in strife, effort and victory.Leopold von Ranke
  • Because the way to a good character is never too late.Lucius Annaeus Seneca
  • You can tell a person's character by the jokes they laugh at.Alfred Biolek
  • Character proves itself in a crisis.Helmut Schmidt
  • Strength of character develops slowly, but can wear off very quickly.Faith Baldwin
  • To have a firm character means to prove oneself under the influence of other characters; so these others are necessary. Stendhal
  • The complexity of a character grows with the fine understanding of it.Paula Modersohn-Becker
  • The strength of the brain makes obstinate characters, the strength of the mind fixed characters.Joseph Joubert
  • Strength of character is often nothing more than a weakness of feeling.Arthur Schnitzler

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