How do I learn affiliate marketing online

Getting started with affiliate marketing - experiences, tips and an online course

Getting started with affiliate marketing is not easy, but it is worth persevering.

My current interview partner, who can now even make a living from his affiliate websites, can report on this.

In the following there are many interesting insights, tips, experiences and recommendations for affiliate beginners.

Hello Christopher. Please introduce yourself briefly.

Hello Peer, first of all thank you very much for the interview. My name is Christopher Hauffe, I'm 29 and from Düsseldorf. After studying communication design, I started my own business in this area in 2012. Today I make my living as an affiliate.

For a long time I worked as a service provider in the areas of web and brand development. Projects for Lufthansa, Telekom, Transparo and Deutsche Bank, among others.

But what I've always found most exciting were my own projects and the idea of ​​passive income. That's why I have dealt more and more intensively with affiliate marketing over the years.

How did you get into affiliate marketing?

I've always been interested in the business ideas behind new apps, websites and the like. I am particularly enthusiastic about such ingenious ideas as the million dollar website, where each of the 1 million pixels were sold to potential advertisers for $ 1.

Along the way, I've always watched numerous American affiliate superhero courses that cost hundreds of dollars each. Live webinars at 3 a.m. were the order of the day.

In short: I just wanted to be more independent and escape the stressful everyday life as a service provider. I wanted to work for myself and not for others.

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Was your entry into affiliate marketing difficult? What problems did you have at the beginning?

As a complete newbie, I was initially fascinated by the idea of ​​passive income. I wasn't aware of what would become of it or whether anything would come of it at all, nor was I planned. However, it was clear to me that it would be difficult for me without guidance or a mentor. The lurid sales pages of all the "affiliate gurus" scared me off rather than willing to buy. Fortunately, I still found a few good courses.

Then I just started. Without a goal or an idea. Small successes encouraged me to continue and I learned more and more with you. Not everything was successful, but I learned something new through mistakes and so a number of successful projects emerged very early on. Fortunately, I was familiar with some topics, such as creating websites. It was completely new territory for me at the beginning: Keyword research, content creation, competitor analysis, etc. So quite a lot.

In the beginning I also worked a lot with Clickbank. There weren't that many good German products here. Digistore24 did not exist at that time.

Luckily I stuck with it because a lot of affiliate websites and niche sites were doing better than I expected and from a side income it became a main income and projects that are close to my heart.

How about you today with affiliate marketing? Can you make a living from it

I now have some very well-running niche sites whose income I can make a living from.

Many always claim that affiliate marketing or niche sites cannot get you rich. And I totally agree with the people. Creating a niche site doesn't make you a millionaire! But people forget what a passive income entails.

Namely, it decouples from physical presence. You don't have to be there to earn money, you can theoretically earn money 24/7 because everything is always online.

If you passively earn € 600 every month and can use it to pay your rent, that's a great thing and a realistic and motivating goal for affiliate beginners.

You started an online affiliate marketing course. What is the Affiliate School?

I recently founded the Affiliate School *. This is a platform for (prospective) affiliates and contains a collection of resources, tools, guides, etc. on the subject of affiliate marketing.

It is basically a diary for me in which I record current topics for myself and make them public in the hope of helping others and exchanging ideas.

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There is also an online video course: The Affiliate School Masterclass * (10 euros discount with the code affiliate marketing tips).

The starting shot for this masterclass was given when friends and acquaintances wanted to know exactly how affiliate marketing works. In fact, I was able to show them how to create a successful niche site. And the system worked just as well for them as it did for me.

But this was simply too time-consuming! I decided that it made a lot more sense to just write down the same steps for my friends.

Above all, the enthusiasm and success of my previous test subjects, as well as the positive effects of an additional income on their lives, motivated me to publish this course.

In the masterclass course, I proudly and exclusively reveal all of my knowledge on the subject of niche page creation. I don't skip a step and show you step by step a live example of how to make money with your own website.

What exactly does a participant get in your course?

The participants receive detailed instructions on creating niche pages. Using a live example, I will show you step by step how to create your own niche site and what is important in each topic.

I show you how to start with affiliate marketing and accompany my participants from the idea to the first income.

What are the special features and advantages of your course compared to e.g. free blog articles on the subject of affiliate marketing?

There are undoubtedly very good free articles and materials on the subject. Most of these, however, have to be laboriously put together and they don't build on each other. The best way to learn is also to be shown visually using an example. That's a big difference. I not only write theoretically on the topics, but also specifically show every click.

Everything you need can be found in a single interface. The participants do not receive content sent across the board by email, but can simply go through the content lesson after lesson.

In addition to the screencasts, there are also additional resources that simplify keyword research, for example. In addition, all content is always up-to-date. This is not always the case with free articles on the Internet. It can well happen that you find articles from 2005.

I am also available to all participants with personal support. I don't have a support team, I take care of my participants' questions personally and individually.

How long does the course last and what does it cost?

The course includes 56 lessons, 65 videos, and over 12 hours of material. The videos fit together seamlessly so that not a single step is left out. Since you then apply what you have learned, it is difficult to say how long it will take. In any case 12 hours: D No, realistically you can expect that as a beginner you can create your own niche site within 4-8 weeks.

In order to get a feel for the structure of the lessons and the learning system, the first 6 lessons are completely free of charge. Then you can opt for full access. Since there are different packages, the prices can best be viewed directly on the course page *.

Do you have further plans for online courses in the future?

At the moment I am fully focused on being able to offer my current course participants the absolute best possible content and support.

But I wouldn't rule that out.

Finally, I would be happy to hear your most important tips for affiliate beginners.

As an affiliate beginner you are often overwhelmed by the number of possibilities. I would recommend everyone to focus on a certain thing first and to try them out and to be willing to learn again and again.

Also, you shouldn't give up so easily or be too perfectionist. Niche sites are a good place to start for newbies because you can start without risk or investment.

thank you for the interview

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