What are the top recruiting tools

7 strategies for recruiting and digitization

Finding the right candidates for advertised positions is not always easy. Especially in times of technological upheaval, personnel recruitment and digitization are faced with new challenges.

A variety of new channels have emerged for companies to connect with talented workers. Using these in a targeted and successful manner has an enormous impact on the chances of being able to employ top talent.

In order to be really attractive and interesting for promising candidates, it is important to arouse enthusiasm for the vacant position and corporate culture - this is how recruiting works. Using the new possibilities of personnel recruitment and digitization in this context offers extremely interesting advantages.

Here you will find an overview of promising recruiting strategies that will help you convince and inspire job seekers with your company. This is how recruiting works in a digitized world.

1. Applicants are like customers

The differences between convincing candidates of your own company or customers of your own products are not great. The first impression counts! It is important to convey to the candidates that their application is important for the company and that we want to master the challenges of the future together on an equal footing. It is important to take applicants and their needs seriously and respond to them.

  • Mutual respect: It is important at all times during the application process to meet agreed-upon meetings, whether on-site or online. If there are delays, inform the candidate directly.
  • Human togetherness: Treat your applicants like a guest in your own home. Make them feel welcome so that they feel right at home.
  • Be available: Applicants have questions and it is up to you to answer them. Provide contact options right from the start so that questions and uncertainties can be clarified.


2. Employer branding and personnel marketing

The easiest way to attract the best talent on the job market is to be the most attractive employer. The most important characteristics of attractiveness for employees are, above all, the salary and remuneration as well as the working atmosphere and recognition of achievements.

Make sure that your employees are not just numbers in the system, but actually feel valued and supported. You can then convey that authentically and effectively to the outside world in your company presentation. It is important to provide HR marketing with an appropriate budget and to make success measurable.

3. Offer digitized forms of work

The demands on a job have changed dramatically in recent years. In order to address young, talented and, above all, digitally networked employees, it is necessary to create new working environments and models. A workplace that can combine rest and relaxation with concentrated work ensures increased employee satisfaction.

Furthermore, you should use the possibilities of digitization and enable your employees to work anywhere. Because increased flexibility in the way you live is increasingly becoming the most important selection criterion for your job.

4. Social media - addressing candidates in your own environment

Social media is an ingenious tool for recruiting. Open positions can be shared with the entire network, which enables open communication. This also increases the range. In addition, social media can give applicants a direct insight into everyday corporate life and culture.

5. Write compelling job advertisements

A job description must attract the attention of suitable workers. This is how recruiting works even better:

  • Choice of a specific description: The more precise the job description, the better suitable candidates will be addressed and their interest aroused.
  • An appealing summary: The summary must be able to inspire from the start.
  • Focus on the essentials: Provide information about the work tasks, qualifications, everyday work and familiarization. All of this with as few words as necessary.


6. Mobile recruiting

The smartphone has become the center of digitization. It enables permanent networking - regardless of the location. Many applicants have their application documents available on the go. Companies can use simple application apps to provide options for mobile recruiting.

7. Use online portals in a targeted manner

In order to stand out from the multitude of job advertisements on job sites, it is a good idea to use premium job advertisements. These are highlighted on the search results page and displayed at the top or bottom. This significantly increases the visibility and longevity of an ad.

At the same time, the job page can also be used to search directly for potential candidates. The search function can sort according to skills, work experience, regions, etc. and thus narrow down promising candidates.

In order to find the best candidates for your vacancies, we recommend that you break new ground. Because the digitization of recruiting in particular opens up new, fascinating opportunities. With the use of our presented strategies for personnel recruitment and digitization you can quickly and easily recruit suitable workers for your company. This is how recruiting works today.

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