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Every person
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There is a shortage of one million apartments in Germany. Not only marginalized groups are affected, the problem has reached the middle of society. Apartments are being luxuriously renovated, rents are rising sharply, people have to leave their long-term homes and cannot find a new apartment they can afford. They lose their social environment and their home. In the end, they may be sitting on the street.

Its end point is the starting point of the Caritas campaign 2018: With it we want to show where there is a lack of apartments and how affordable living space can be created. Because a home for everyone in a rich country like Germany shouldn't be a privilege, but a basic right.


The winners of the Caritas short film competition WOHN (T) TRAUM have been announced. Watch the winning film now and find out everything about the award ceremony on November 17, 2018 in Oberhausen.

The winning film

People find a home here

The market doesn't regulate everything. We show the creative solutions that people use to help themselves in difficult living situations. Find out here, for example, about the container project for homeless women in Hamburg, the breakfast meeting in the neighborhood project in Gelsenkirchen-Scholven or the outpatient homeless help in Berlin.

Container project HamburgThe container project in Hamburg gives ten women the opportunity to experience security and find a way out of homelessness. Fanny is a student and supports herself in this. More about the project in the film and text on the project page (by clicking on the photo).

Maintain appearances to the outside worldCharlottenburg-Wilmersdorf in Berlin. A nice neighborhood. Green avenues, old buildings, stucco on the ceilings, a well-to-do quarter. This is what it looks like from the outside. Petra Siegberg has been working as a consultant in outpatient homeless assistance for 10 years. In the interview she talks about her experiences.

In Scholven, the citizens themselves become activeGelsenkirchen-Scholven is located in the Ruhr area. The A52 motorway passes right by. Smoke rises from the towers of the industrial area. The district shop is located in the center of the community. This is where new and old residents meet. Her motto: I like to live here! Find out more by clicking on the picture.

A living concept for everyoneA living concept for people with and without handicaps in the middle of the city. A pipe dream? In Hünfeld, Caritas, the city and the district have tried something new. A success-story.

Caritas study: This is how we think about living

How important is living to us? What do we mean by “good living” and what answers do we want from politics in Germany? These and other questions are the focus of the representative study commissioned by the German Caritas Association by the market research company Ipsos.

Study: Human Right to Housing

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