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The Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry (in the original: Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry) is one of the most important magic schools in the world and is located somewhere in Scotland. At this school, magically gifted pupils are trained as wizards and witches and prepared for their later magical careers. The school's catchment area includes Great Britain and Ireland.

The school coat of arms represents the four houses, named after the school founders, in which the students live during their school days:

* a lion = symbol of Gryffindor,
* an eagle = symbol of Ravenclaw,
* a badger = symbol of Hufflepuff,
* a snake = symbol of Slytherin -
form a circle around the letter H.

Underneath, a parchment roll shows the school motto:

Draco dormiens nunquam titillandus (Never tickle a sleeping dragon)

Joanne K. Rowling explained that she wanted a practical motto for her school, not something as grandiose as "Reach for the stars" or something similar.

There are other magic schools in other countries. The most famous in Europe are Beauxbatons, a magic school in southern France, and the Durmstrang school, located somewhere in north-east Europe.

The school year

Before the start of the school year, all eleven-year-olds who have shown themselves to be magical receive an invitation to start school. Unlike some other magic schools, magically gifted children from Muggle families are also encouraged to visit Hogwarts. All students receive a list of books and items they need for the coming school year by mail owl in good time, which they have to get themselves from the magical shop.

On September 1st each year, students travel from King's Cross Station in London on the Hogwarts Express. The first trimester ends at the start of the Christmas holidays. It is up to the students whether they spend the Christmas holidays at school or whether they go home. The holidays after the second trimester are around Easter. However, most students, regardless of whether they spend the holidays at home or at school, have to use their vacation time mainly for schoolwork because they have additional homework to do in many subjects or they are already starting their preparation for the exams at the end of the school year. On June 30th, a few days after the exams, the school year will end and the students will take the Hogwarts Express back to London.

The school building and grounds

The Hogwarts school building is a grand old castle. It is right on a large lake near the wizarding village of Hogsmeade. Each of the aforementioned houses with dormitories for the student body has a common room. There are classrooms for teaching on the seven floors of the castle, which extend from the underground vaulted cellars to the castle towers. The Owlery is located in one of these towers. On the highest of the towers, the so-called astronomy tower, the students study the position of the stars at night. Everyone comes together for meals and school celebrations in the Great Hall. Of course there is also a rich school library with magic books. The boarding school also has a hospital wing. School awards are kept in a trophy room. The 142 stairs inside the building are constantly changing direction. Some of the entrances are guarded by speaking portraits. Both the castle and the school grounds hide numerous secrets. Few people know the secret passages that lead from the school and the school grounds and the Chamber of Secrets that is hidden deep beneath the school. Even after decades, headmaster Albus Dumbledore discovers a previously unknown space: the room of desires, which becomes precisely the place that every visitor needs and is looking for.
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The houses

Hogwarts boarding school was founded about a thousand years ago by four famous witches and wizards: Godric Gryffindor, Helga Hufflepuff, Salazar Slytherin, and Rowena Ravenclaw. Each of the four school founders preferred to educate students with certain characteristics and founded their own house within the school especially for them. So came into the ...

In this tradition, every newcomer to school is determined to be one of the four houses by the sorting hat and lives there for his entire school days. The enchanted hat carries the knowledge of the founders and has witnessed the long history of Hogwarts. That's why he recognizes the character traits of everyone who wears him and knows whether they fit House Gryffindor, House Hufflepuff, House Ravenclaw or House Slytherin.

The houses represent family support: every student feels they belong to their house and spends a lot of time there. He eats at the respective table in his house in the Great Hall. The lessons are partly held in joint classes from two, later also four houses. Each house has its own coat of arms, its own colors, its own house spirit and its own private tutor.

There is a competition between the houses: For correct answers in class, the students receive points for their house. Some teachers also reward pro-social behavior with points. Points are deducted for bad behavior and instead of (or in addition to) detention. Each house has its own Quidditch team that plays for the annual tournament victory. The game points of the house teams are also counted towards the house points. The house that achieved the most points at the end of the school year receives the house cup.

The magic class at Hogwarts

Fan at Hogwarts

To learn the basics of magic, the following majors are offered at Hogwarts:

From the third grade onwards, the following electives can also be taken:

Those who pass the intermediate examinations in these subjects after the fifth grade receive so-called ZAGs, ie the level of "general magician".
The in-depth lessons in the upper classes then make it possible to graduate as UTZ - that is, as an "incredibly great magician" - in these subjects.
Magical traffic techniques are also learned at Hogwarts:

Workers at Hogwarts

School principals are appointed by a school advisory board that makes decisions independently of the Ministry of Magic. However, certain decisions by the school management, e.g. regarding vacancies, must be ministerially approved.
The school staff includes:

  • Twelve specialist teachers for the above-mentioned training areas. These professionals include:
    • a teacher who, in addition to her teaching duties, is also entrusted with the duties of deputy school management.
    • four teachers who at the same time also take on the duties of tutors in a house.
  • Instructors for broom flying lessons and supervision of sporting activities, for substitute times, etc.
  • A librarian for the school library.
  • A healer for school medical care in the hospital wing.
  • A caretaker for the maintenance of the castle building.
  • A gamekeeper who looks after the land and forest belonging to the school.
  • A large band of house-elves to do the housekeeping.

About 20 ghosts and one poltergeist are not employed, but also permanently present and active in the school building.
For the school employees Harry witnessed, see the list of employees at Hogwarts

Hogwarts and Black Magic

As long as Albus Dumbledore is running the school, classes in black magic are deliberately avoided: Instead of black magic applications, Hogwarts only teaches how such sinister threats can be warded off and repulsed. In the 1997/98 school year, Severus Snape was named Dumbledore's successor and the black magic that had been kept out of Hogwarts spread across the school as well as the rest of the magical world:

  • Under the new black-magic rulers in the Ministry of Magic, schooling is compulsory for all magically gifted pupils.
  • Muggleborns are in principle excluded from attending Hogwarts.
  • Muggle studies is becoming a compulsory and propaganda subject: the new subject teacher Alecto Carrow "teaches" that Muggles are inferior and, by their nature, animalistic and retarded.
  • The previous major, Defense Against the Dark Arts, is being replaced by the Dark Arts subject and given by the Death Eater Amycus Carrow.
  • Black magic is used to punish the student body: Anyone who does not bend to the current order is tortured as a punishment with the Cruciatus curse by classmates who are trained in the desired cruel attitude in this way.
  • All entrances and exits to the school, including all secret passages, are strictly guarded, with dementors being used inside and outside the castle building.

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