How do you get healthy and fit

Fit and active at work - this is how you stay healthy

We want to feel fit, healthy and balanced. Unfortunately, this is sometimes a bit forgotten. Stress and lack of time mean that sport, healthy eating and relaxation are neglected. Our tips help to stay fit even in a very demanding professional life.

Stay fit - it's easy

It is often not easy to reconcile family, leisure and work. In order to stay fit, in addition to a healthy diet, enough exercise and sport are very important.

Light fitness exercises can also be easily integrated into everyday office life and simply carried out at or next to a desk. This way we stay active, focused and feel good and balanced even during working hours. Then there is more time for family and leisure time in the evening.

It's all about movement

Sitting for long periods of time makes our body stiff and immobile, the back and our entire musculoskeletal system can be damaged. Sitting for long periods of time also has a negative impact on the metabolism and blood vessels, and the risk of illness can be increased. But we can easily do something about this: Keep moving even during the working day at your desk! Instead of the elevator, take the stairs, get up more often and take short walks through the house, “do a lap around the block” during the lunch break or work standing up (if possible).

Relaxation for the eyes

Working at the computer for a long time also strains the eyes. Itchy, dry and light-sensitive eyes can result. Is particularly strenuous to look and concentrate, the eyes are tired and need a break. There are small exercises for this that can help quickly.

Give your eyes a break: Deliberately look out of the window into the distance and focus on objects near and far. Follow the shape of a figure eight with your eyes. In this way, the visual muscles can relax again and it is no longer too strenuous to look at the screen. We allow our eyes additional relaxation by covering our closed eyes lightly with our hands for a few moments. Warmth and darkness are good for our eyes.

To prevent the eyes from drying out and to stimulate the production of tear fluid, it helps to consciously blink. When working rigidly on the PC, blinking is often neglected, so it helps to blink more often and thus keep the eyes moist.

Keep calm

A particularly large number of people complain of back and neck pain during working hours. Something can simply be done about it. For a relaxed neck and neck just that "Head turner" try: sit down relaxed and slowly turn your head to the right, lift your chin and inhale. Turn your head forward again and exhale. Then turn your head to the left, lift your chin again and inhale. Repeat a few times.

To loosen up the shoulders the tried and tested helps Shoulder circles. Sit relaxed and upright and loosely circle your shoulders. This helps against tension.

For one relaxed back you can just sit on your office chair stretch: Sit down straight and relaxed, close your legs so that the knees touch. Keep your pelvis and feet still during this exercise. Now turn backwards as far as you can. Simply hold on to the backrest for stabilization. How to strengthen the stretch. Wait a few moments. Then the stretch is done in the other direction. In this way the back is stretched and feels relaxed and loose afterwards.

Nice legs - by the way

Our legs we can even exercise while typing or talking on the phone and no one will notice. Sit up straight and lift your right leg until your knee is straight. Repeat the exercise 10-12 times for each leg. Our thigh muscles are trained and tightened.

We can do another exercise for our legs while waiting in the canteen queue or while chatting with our colleagues in the hallway. For well-trained calves and a straight posture, simply stand on your tiptoe and raise and lower your body, of course not stopping. You can easily do 30 repetitions!

For your gut feeling

An effective exercise for that Abdominal muscles: Sit straight on the chair, now pull your knees up towards your upper body, hold for a few seconds and repeat.

Mobile helpers

Anyone who needs additional help and reminders about exercise, drinking or healthy eating in everyday life can now get it from many different little helpers.

Fitness tracker are worn as a bracelet or a small clip on the body and correspond to the smartphone or the computer. For example, the steps are counted, sports units recorded, the deep sleep phases measured and inputs about eating habits can be made. Based on the collected data, an individual training program is developed, which should help with more movement, weight loss and a better body awareness. The smart watches that are available from many manufacturers work in a similar way. The fitness function is only one of many possible uses here.

Often times can also be special Fitness apps downloaded onto the smartphone to remind us of sufficient exercise, adequate hydration or sports units.

Attitude grade 1

For trained chest muscles simply put your hands together as if in prayer, raise them to chest height and press the palms against each other. Hold for 15 seconds and relax. This defines the chest muscles as well as the triceps and biceps and improves our posture.

Do something good for the body

In addition to adequate exercise, nutrition is a prerequisite for staying healthy. So pay attention not only to fitness and exercise in everyday office life, but also to balanced food rich in vitamins. Lots of vegetables, light dishes with fish and meat and whole grain products should be on the menu during the lunch break.

It is also essential to drink enough during the day. We should take in at least 1.5 liters of liquid. The liquid contained in the food also counts. Water, unsweetened teas and fruit spritzers are the most effective help against thirst in the office. Coffee or sweetened sodas should only be consumed in moderation.

Healthy snacks for in between

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