Why does our brain work so properly

The human brain

The human brain is arguably one of the most complex and most developed organs. Billions of nerve cells fire every second, enabling us to think, feel and breathe. But how does the human brain actually work?

Table of Contents:
1. Foundations of the human brain
2. Synapses and neurotransmitters
3. The human brain: Infinite potential

The cornerstones of the human brain

In our brain there are about 100 billion neuronsthat are networked with each other. The transfer of information between neurons takes place over electric impulse instead of. Depending on the brain area in which the nerve cells are located, they can also specialize in certain tasks.

Synapses and neurotransmitters

The junction between two neurons is called a Synapse. It is a decisive factor in learning. When a neuron fires, it sends out an electrical impulse. As soon as the electrical impulse reaches the synapse, will Neurotransmitters released, which then dock on the second neuron. Part of the impulse is then passed on. The more often signals reach the synapse, the more neurotransmitters are released. Sometimes new synapses are even formed.
This mechanism makes the The connection between the neurons is strengthened. The fact that a larger part of the impulse is now transmitted increases the probability that both neurons will fire together. Of course, it is normally not just about two, but entire networks of neurons that are linked to one another.

The human brain: infinite potential

Because of the immense number of possible connections in our brain, we are able to process huge amounts of information. However, our processing capacity is limited and often prevents us from understanding facts faster or solving problems more effectively. However, this can be trained. Because the time of our life the brain is able to learn and to create new connections. Certain cognitive skills that are often needed in everyday life can also be done with the help of special exercises be trained.

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