Which is better 9mm or 10mm rounds

Neon Pink (PK521) BioThane 'BETA' ® 8mm round by the meter

Round BioThane 'BETA'| C08 Coated Rope

Round Biothane® BETA Coated Rope is the newest product from BioPlastics from the USA. The surface is like the well-known Biothane Beta, only with a round core. This makes the material thicker and resembles round leather. The surface is very hard-wearing. It is dimensionally stable and tear-resistant.

This Biothane article with a diameter of 8 mm has a breaking strength of approx. 360 kg. Primarily suitable for tow leashes or sweat leashes as well as sports leashes, but is also used for dog collars and dog leashes, and is much easier to handle than cotton leashes because they soak up water and get stuck everywhere.

The Biothane Beta 520 series is the most leather-like product on the market for horse halters, dog collars and dog leashes. The Biothane Beta 520 series has won the trust of manufacturers of horse halters, dog leashes and dog collars. The Beta series has a matt appearance and excellent soft flexibility, even in cold weather.

Biothane by the meter

Biothane can be sold by the meter, the total number of meters is delivered in one length with a maximum of 30 meters per spool.

profilediameterBreaking load
approx. 8 mm360 kg

Biothane Beta 520 technical data: 

  • Color: Neon Pink (PK521)
  • Breaking load: 360 kg
  • Diameter: 8 mm
  • Biothane Coating: 520 Beta ®
  • Profile: C08 Coated Rope
  • Appearance: matte, no gloss. In the style of embossed leather
  • Material: polyester core and a polymer coating (PVC)
  • 60A Shore Hardness PVC Low Gloss
  • Biothane item number: C08CR516PK521
  • 53 grams per meter
  • Sold by the meter, the total number of meters is supplied as one length
  • Maximum continuous length: 30 meters per spool

Biothane BETA 520 properties

  • hardness: Soft
  • flexibility: Good - excellent
  • Cold flexibility: Good - excellent
  • Hand stickiness: Average
  • Peel strength: Well
  • Abrasion resistance: Mediocre
  • UV resistanceExcellent
  • Tear strength of the coatingMediocre
  • Weather resistanceGood - excellent

Please note!
* All Biothane Beta product photos shown are digital representations and may differ from the actual coating color depending on the type of screen.

What is BioThane ®?

BioThane ® is the brand name of all coated webbing products made by BioThane Coated Webbing Corp. were manufactured. It is essentially a polyester fabric with a TPU or PVC coating, which makes it more durable, waterproof, easy to clean and weldable.

Buy BioThane by the meter

Biothane can be ordered by the meter. You get the total number of meters as one length. Please note that the maximum continuous length is 30 meters per spool.

Does Biothane hurt dogs or horses?

No more than leather! As long as you measure the end product correctly, it should never hurt your pet.

Does Biothane smell when dogs get wet?

No, BioThane is odor-proof.

How long does Biothane last?

With normal use, BioThane leather and nylon will last a long time.

Is the color fading?

The opaque colors tend to hold in color much longer than fluorescent colors. In general, the darker the shade, the longer it will last.

Why is BioThane better than leather?

BioThane ® is more durable, cleanable, stronger and easier to maintain. It is also easily available in other colors.

Is BioThane made in the USA?

Yes, BioThane® is made in North Ridgeville, Ohio, in the USA.

Is 'Beta' BioThane?

YES! Beta ® is a registered trademark owned by BioThane Coated Webbing Corp. Beta ® is considered a "coating class" of BioThane ®.