What are the benefits of emu oil

Emu oil

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The Australian Aborigines were the first to discover the healing properties of emu oil. Legend has it that the Aborigines have used emu oil for all living conditions over the centuries. The emu oil was universally applicable. Absolutely everything was treated with it: fresh wounds, burns, insect bites, pain in the joints or skin diseases.

Properties of emu oil

Emu oil is a highly concentrated product that is obtained through extraction and separation. It is quickly absorbed and does not leave any traces of grease.

The anti-inflammatory and moisturizing properties of emu oil can be explained by its composition. It contains 70% unsaturated, i. H. highly active, fatty acids. Emu oil is rich in α-linolenic acid - a substance that is known for its healing effects on muscle and joint pain, as well as oleic acid, which has local anti-inflammatory effects. The prostaglandins of linolenic acid reduce swelling and restricted mobility of the joints. They have a pain-relieving effect (especially in the case of surface trauma) and reduce muscle tension with increased physical exertion.

Emu oil is a natural and effective moisturizer with high biological activity. It has the wonderful property of being quickly absorbed and also penetrating deeper layers of the skin. This is related to the presence of oleic acid, which makes it particularly suitable for dry skin. The skin is thus supplied with moisture all day, which makes it an ideal means for cosmetic lines, for the care of dry skin.

Emu oil is also an effective remedy for problem skin. As a rule, the major disadvantage of fatty cosmetic skin care products is their property of clogging pores, which leads to acne. However, the emu oil does not clog the pores and accordingly does not lead to acne or blackheads.

It relieves irritation and inflammation in skin eczema. Patients with eczema often suffer from intolerance to cosmetics. Most moisturizers increase skin irritation. Emu oil not only does not irritate the skin of patients with eczema, it also eases their condition.

The oil promotes regeneration and healing of the skin. It has a calming effect, reduces itching and the formation of keloid tissue, so that the tissue is restored faster, more intensely and with less pain. It can even be used on wounds in the early stages of epithelialization; because the emu oil has an antibacterial effect and prevents the multiplication of various bacteria in the wound. It has been found; that when it is used, sutures and burns heal significantly faster during postoperative healing processes.

It goes well with other cosmetic products, contains no allergens, is odorless and very economical to use.


Purified 99.7% natural emu oil. Rosemary leaf essential oil. Vitamin E.

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