What is personal brand photography


I am Jörg Simanowski. As a professional advertising photographer, I stand for a visual language that fully represents companies and brands.

Yes, my grandfather gave me a camera at the time.

But as beautiful as this story could be, the reason why I am a photographer is different:

I want to create with my pictures, arouse desire and interest.

As a career changer from business, I quickly found my photographic topic:

Corporate photography.

This variety of services and products is too interesting to simply pass by.

I am allowed to see, interpret and depict.

I see the real beauty in the authentic.

That is exactly why I prefer to work with the actual actors, the employees or the customers of the company. I want to show what is really going on in the company - in all its beauty, its unique charm and its full diversity.

This is only possible because my greatest concern is that people feel comfortable in front of the camera and that they get rid of their shyness.

Only now can authentic motifs emerge, which convince through their great credibility.

It is clear to me that the majority of images are skimmed today.

To prevent this, you need an element that captivates the viewer's gaze in order to arouse his attention and curiosity. For me it is the element "personality".

Identification can now be achieved and interaction can begin. It's what makes the difference between "bought" and "clicked away".

I work towards these imagery that bring the provider and target group together.