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The best board games - top 10 lists

Introducing the best board games is not that easy, as tastes and preferences are of course different. But I have already created many top 10 lists here in the blog, in which the best board games in my opinion for a certain target group or for a certain board game mechanics are listed.

In the following I present my top 10 lists and link them. You will then find the best board games that I know about them there.

(You can find the top lists of blog readers by votes cast on this page.)

The best board games in my top 10 lists

It starts with my list of 50 board games that are my all-time highlights.

My favorite board games - Seats 25 to 1

In this first part I present my places 25 to 1 and here you can find out which board games are my absolute favorites.

I will update this list every 1-2 years, because there are always new games on the market and every now and then I rediscover a classic.

My favorite board games - Seats 50 to 26

The second part includes another 25 board games that I like to bring to the table.

Even if they are not at the top of my list, they are still great games that you should definitely check out.

Top 10 board games by year

Every year I choose what I think was the 10 best board games of the past year and you can always see how good the previous year was.

The best board games 2021 - preview

Many new board games have already been announced for 2021 and in this Top 20 list you can find out which 20 board games I'm currently looking forward to the most.

These include board games that have just been announced, but also some that I've been waiting for a long time.

The best board games 2020

Despite Corona, 2020 was a good year for board players. There were some exciting games for connoisseurs and experts, but the year 2020 also offered great innovations for families.

In this article, I'll introduce you to my top 10 board games from 2020 and explain why and why these games ended up there.

The best board games of 2019

Many great board games appeared in 2019 and it was not easy for me to set up a top 10 for 2019.

Nevertheless, I am sure that you will find many board games in this list that will also inspire you. I think it's one of the best vintages in recent times. Highlights such as Maracaibo, Paladins of Western France and Underwater Cities will often be on the table

The best board games of 2018

This year, too, many good board games appeared, even if the overall breadth was not as strong, which meant that I didn't have to think long about my top 10 2018.

But with titles like Architects of West France, Newton, and Chronicles of Crime, there were a ton of highlights that I still play on a regular basis.

The best board games of 2017

You can find the best board games of 2017 in my Top 10 2017 and among them you can find some pearls that have become long-running favorites.

I still love board games like Altiplano, Azul and Terraforming Mars. The latter has now climbed almost to the top of my all-time list.

Top 10 board games by player type

There are many different types of players and there are board games to suit everyone.

The best board games for families

Families are still very fond of playing board games, and that's no different at home. That's why I've put together my top 10 family games.

This includes, among other things, Cottage Garden, Ticket to Ride: Europa and Bear Park.

The best board games for beginners

Getting started with the board game hobby is often not that easy, as many board games are a bit more complex. The games included in my top 10 entry-level board games list, on the other hand, are perfect for beginners.

It contains classics such as Catan, but also more modern games such as Imhotep or King of Tokyo.

The best party games

Playing with friends or family is a very nice thing, but not every board game works well at a party. That's why I've published my top 10 party games, in which you can find perfect board games for the next party.

Among other things, you will find Krazy Wordz, Pub Quiz: The Original and Perfect Match.

The best travel games

Many players do not want to forego their hobby while on vacation. But large boxes are not suitable for this. That's why you will find mostly small and compact titles in my top 10 travel games.

These are, for example, short games that do not take up much space, such as Roll for it !, Qwixx or Honshu.

The best solo board games

Even if board games are a hobby that is mainly pursued with others, games for one person are becoming increasingly popular. After all, you don't always have a playing partner ready.

In my top 10 solo board games, there are some really great titles like Viticulture, Before the Gates of Loyang and Nemo’s War.

The best two-person games

You can also spend wonderful evenings with a play partner, because 2-person board games are also becoming increasingly popular. In my top 5 "2 person games" list you will find what I think are the best representatives of this genre.

Soon I'll make a top 10 list out of it for sure.

The best themed board games

I don't really enjoy playing abstract board games myself, because the topic and why I do what I do in a board game is important to me.

My Top 10 Themed Board Games reflects just that, and includes games like Eldritch Horror, Great Western Trail, and Star Wars: Rebellion.

The best board games for stomach players

This is a very special top 10 list. I am listing my top 10 board games for stomach players.

Here you can find out exactly what this is all about, how I define stomach players and why some board games are better for stomach players than others. Of course, I'm really looking forward to your opinion on this somewhat different top list and the topic of "belly players" in general.

Top 10 board games by mechanics

There are many different mechanics in board games and every player has their favorites. I feel the same, of course, and that's why I regularly introduce what I believe to be the best board games for a certain mechanic.

Top 10 deck-building board games

Beck building or bag building is one of my favorite mechanisms and there are also many board games that use it.

My top 10 deck building and bag building include Klong !, the taverns in Tiefen Thal and the race to El Dorado.

Top 10 Dice Placement Board Games

Dice placement is a relatively new mechanism that is being used in more and more board games. In this top 10 list I present my currently favorite dice placement board games in more detail.

I also go into what makes this special and which games just barely made it into my top 10 dice placement.

Top 10 drafting board games

Drafting is not the main mechanism in many board games and there are also some variants of drafting. Therefore it is a bit controversial what exactly drafting is.

But that didn't stop me from publishing my Top 10 Drafting, in which you can find e.g. Blood Rage, Res Arcana and Lift Off.

Top 10 Engine Building Board Games

Engine building is a board game mechanism that is found in a great many games, and it is very satisfying to get your own scoring machine up and running.

I enjoy that too, which is why I find titles like Splendor, Space Base or Imperial Settlers in my Top 10 Engine Building.

Top 10 card games

Card games are still very popular today and when I created my top 10 I noticed that it is sometimes not that easy to clearly identify card games.

Where I drew the line between card game and board game with cards and which 10 card games I currently like most can be found in my top 10 card games. There you will find among others Skyjo, Res Arcana and The Lost Expedition.

Top 10 Roll & Write Games

Roll & Write games have experienced a great boom in recent years and many innovations with this mechanism have appeared. You can find out which Roll & Write games I currently like best and why they are in my top 10 in this top 10 list.

I will also go into which variants there are and which games just barely made it into my top 10 Roll & Write games.

Top 10 Set-Collection Board Games

Set collection is one of my favorite mechanics in board games. I like to just collect cards and then be able to do something with them.

But this is also a very good mechanism for weng players and titles like Hadara, Concordia or Ethnos can therefore be found in my top 10 set collection.

Top 10 Worker Placement Board Games

In these games we place the workers in action spaces in order to be able to use certain actions. How often do other players block.

This is probably my absolute favorite mechanism, which is why I sat on my top 10 worker placement for a long time. In the end, titles such as Robbers of the North Sea, Agricola and Champions of Midgard made it among the best.

What are your best board games?

I would be very happy if you could leave a comment on the respective top 10 lists and name your favorite board games.