Is Volvo a luxury brand

Volvo S90: Nordic Convener

Eastern Austria - its biggest competitor, the E-Class from Mercedes-Benz and the 5 Series from BMW, the Volvo has above all its great image. It used to be that you had to be a bit quirky to drive a Volvo. At one time, it was difficult to tell the look of a car from a brick. But they were just as robust. The worst that could happen to a Volvo owner was that he cut himself on one of the edges of his car. It has always been clear that if two cars collide, only one is to be thrown away if one is a Volvo. Namely the other.

This safety plus was and is very important to Volvo. Let's remember the 2020 idea that the Swedes had, which said that from then on nobody should be killed in an accident in a Volvo. They don't have much time to keep the promise.

You can tell in every Volvo that they are working on it. Also in the S90. Anyone who drives too tightly, who changes lanes without blinking, is whistled back immediately.

Well, the other manufacturers have also caught up a lot, and if you drive recklessly you will be flashed and beeped in the ground without hesitation. Nevertheless, the Volvo makes the more uncompromising impression.

At first glance, the drive of our test car, the S90 T8 Twin Engine, also appears uncompromising. It draws its power from a 320 hp four-cylinder gasoline engine and an 87 hp electric motor. Together, the two have an output of over 400 hp. That makes a difference in a limousine, even if it is almost five meters long and weighs more than two tons because of the batteries in the underbody.

One battery charge is enough for around 30 kilometers and turns the S90 into an agile all-wheel drive. The thing is that the gasoline engine operates the front wheels, while the electric motor drives the rear wheels.

Design work

The two drives work together confidently and exude the feeling of dignified elegance that makes good progress in life. The interior underlines this impression. The shift lever of the automatic converter with eight gears is made of glass and drawn by a designer. Leather covers the dashboard. The displays behind the steering wheel are also fully digital.

The center console defines a huge screen that can be used to control almost everything. Unfortunately. Adjusting the temperature of the air conditioning becomes an unnerving test of skill while driving.

And we noticed another disadvantage. Once the S90 T8's batteries are empty, it's like an e-bike. You count the heavy batteries and have none of them, on the contrary, the things hang pretty much on. In the case of the Volvo, consumption then rises to over nine liters - and the fact that only the front wheels are then driven is a shame compared to the competition. Unless you're a little quirky and like it. (Guido Gluschitsch, April 9th, 2018)



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