What was Dumbledore's wand made of?

What was Dumbledore's original wand made of?

Well, just throw out an interesting thought.

What if Dumbledore's first wand was really the Phoenix wand Harry bought from Ollivander?

When Tom bought his wand, DD hadn't yet defeated GG, so he still had his first wand. If that were Harry's phoenix feather staff, it would make sense because of the connection with Fawkes. It would suit DD's character to be curious about what would happen if he gave Ollivander another quill just to see which witch or wizard that wand would choose. Perhaps that's why he was watching Tom Riddle so closely (aside from the cruel behavior he'd shown at the orphanage).

When DD heard the Trelawney prophecy, he used the Elder wand. When he found out Harry was the chosen one, he might have given Ollivander his old wand, knowing that the connection between LV and Harry would make the wand choose him and give him a powerful weapon against LV because of the twin cores.

When DD tells Harry that his wand has only extraordinary powers against LV's wand and that it is just an ordinary wand against all other wands, he adds, "Although it's a fine wand, I'm sure." Well, this can only be taken as an afterthought, fearing that he may have hurt Harry's feelings, but it could also be that DD is actually "sure" that it is a fine wand because it used to be.

Just a theory but I like it ...