Why is penis sucking good for men?

What you can do with testicles

If there is one thing in the universe of male physicality and sexuality that will forever remain a mystery to many women, it is testicles. Mumble. Eggs. The sack itself and its individual needs are as mysterious to me as I find them fascinating.

It's like this: a penis is easy to operate manually, orally anyway. The desired pressure may vary with the hand job, as well as the favored speed.

In the case of a blowjob, it is often the intensity of the sucking on or the degree of sloppyness, pardon me, the question of how wet you like it that deviates.

Everything can be solved with a little targeted communication (“harder, harder, spit on it”).

By invitation only

Well And then there are the eggs. And let me tell you in all honesty: I only approach a man's crown jewels with the utmost caution. Invite only. If I am to deal with this crazy feature that nature has given the male body, I have to be told.

It's not because I don't like testicles. On the contrary. I could make out with it all day with those two balls in a nude bag. Not just because I am so enthusiastic about their design alone. Do you remember the Chinese Qi Gong balls that you could buy in the nineties at every Christmas market and every fair that you should let circle around each other in your hand in order to stimulate the reflex zones of your own body? Testicles are similar, only better.

But let's get to the reason why I stay away from testicles despite enthusiasm.

Lots of men HATE it when a woman gives them an edge. Jerking, screaming and yes, one of them even gave me a light tap on the back of the head to stop me. In the rarest of cases, I would argue, pain was the reason for the outcry. Rather, it is the fear that something might happen to this sensitive part of the male body if the treatment is too rough. I understand. Nonetheless, loving (!) Occupation with testicles can be so much fun - for both of you.

Let the women do it

So we finally come to the topic of this column. That reads: Let women get to your balls, dear readers. After all, they are among the most erogenous zones in your body. And believe me, there is so much more to discover around this region than bored egg scratching. Here are a few suggestions about the kindness that you can give to your partner to read along with you.

5 steps to enjoyment

Step 1: relax

While the lady pampers her penis with her lips and tongue. Don't cramp up when it slides deeper and the blow job turns into a handjob. So while she is massaging her penis, she can slide your balls into her mouth, suck them gently or play with her tongue on them a little. If she looks you deeply in the eye, it could have happened to you very quickly. I consciously say “could”. If you feel uncomfortable and even experience pain, stop the game immediately. If she doesn't stop, just give her a light pat on the back of the head. Helped me at the time too.

Step 2: Uh la!

Do you like the whole thing so far? Top. How about a massage next? For example, while your loved one kneels in front of you in the doggy position. SHE reaches back between your legs while you neatly hold her, well, you know what I mean. Now knead, stroke, let the marbles slide gently through your fingers. Sexy time.

Bonus tip: Many men like it when their partner pulls loosely on their sack during sex, handjob or blowjob. Try that out.

Step 3: now with gimmicks

If you want to make even better the massage and good sex feelings that it hopefully brings with it, keep massage oil ready by the bed. Well oiled everything feels even better.

Step 4: Drrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

Once you've tasted blood, that's the ultimate next level: stimulation with a vibrating toy, maybe a support vibrator or a vibrating egg. Set the lowest level and let off steam.

Step 5: the hard way

If you find that (pleasure) pain during sex is something wonderful, a type of BDSM called CBT could be for you. Kinky people describe the "torture" of penis and eggs as "cock and ball torture", which is supposed to give pleasure to the masochistic partner. And that you should only have those who are familiar with the matter (a dominatrix, for example). In no case by your BDSM-inexperienced friend - even if she has read all of the "Fifty Shades Of Gray" volumes. Way too dangerous!

For extreme pleasure

But how can the tail and cojones be “processed” as effectively as possible? By pinching, massaging firmly, clamping weights to the scrotum, dripping wax on the glans, tying and constricting, tickling and pinching, for example. Likewise through electrical stimulation and beating. Whether with the flat of the hand or a percussion instrument, for example a whip, is up to the players.

Another attractive "torture" for CBT fans: When the active part stimulates your penis again and again, but does not let you come. For the toughest, there is also the practice of "ball busting". The inclined gentleman can be kicked in the balls. Yeah. You need to know.

Mimi Erhardt is a sex columnist for GQ and GQ.de. You can find out more about the author here.