Lies President Trump about health

After the coronavirus infection of US President Donald Trump, his personal physician Sean Conley spoke at a press conference. Accordingly, the president is currently doing "very well": "We are very happy with the progress that the president is making." He is "awake and active". Trump was flown to Walter Reed Military Hospital in Bethesda north of Washington on Friday evening (local time). The White House spoke of a precautionary measure on the recommendation of doctors. Trump himself reported on Twitter on Saturday and praised the medical staff at the clinic. "I feel good with your help!"

White House chief of staff, Mark Meadows, said Trump had an "extremely worrying" period on Friday. With regard to the treatment in the clinic, the next 48 hours would be crucial. "We are still not on a clear path to full recovery," he said.

Sean Conley and the doctors at the hospital, however, painted a different, rosy picture at the press conference. According to them, the US president is in a good mood. After the first night in the hospital, he said, "I feel like I can get out today (from the hospital)." Personal physician Conley emphasized that the president had a lot of work and that it was also done by the hospital. Trump has so far not handed over any government powers to his deputy, Vice President Mike Pence.

Trump's attending doctors at the military hospital said that the president does not currently need ventilation. They did not answer multiple questions as to whether Trump would have had to be ventilated beforehand. The New York Times but reports, citing two people, that Trump showed breathing problems on Friday and received additional oxygen in the White House before he was taken to the hospital.

There is also confusion about the timing of diagnosis. According to the White House, Trump received it on Thursday night. Personal physician Coney said at the press conference that she was "72 hours behind". But it should have been a mistake. Rather, Conley meant that it was the "third day with the diagnosis" for the president, a White House spokesman then clarified.

According to the doctors, the president had a fever from Thursday to Friday. But since Friday he has been free of fever. Symptoms Trump showed included a stuffy nose and a cough. Now the president is being treated with remdesivir for five days and is currently being closely monitored.

Doctors see Remdesivir, which was originally developed to treat Ebola, not as a panacea for Covid-19 disease, but often as helpful. According to the manufacturer, it can significantly reduce the risk of death in the event of a severe course of the corona disease Covid-19.

Event in the rose garden comes into focus

Trump's wife Melania was also infected with the corona virus. However, she cured the disease at home, explained Sean Conley. Meanwhile, more and more infections were known in Trump's environment. Campaign leader Bill Stepien also tested positive for the virus, as the campaign team confirmed on Saturday night.

The focus is particularly on an event at which many of the now infected were present together with Trump: the presentation of the conservative lawyer Amy Coney Barrett as a candidate for the vacant position at the Supreme Court on Saturday a week ago in the rose garden of the White House. More than 100 people gathered there in a small space. Photos and videos show that few wore masks or kept their distance. Participants hugged or shook hands. Corona tests have been positive for at least seven participants since then: In addition to the President and First Lady Melania Trump, these are the former Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway, the Senators Mike Lee and Thom Tillis, the President of the Catholic University of Notre Dame, John Jenkins, and a reporter.

With material from the news agencies dpa and AP