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finished graduations (PhD)

  • 2014
    Mr. Pradeep Kumar Singh
    "Electron microscopic studies of low-k inter-metal dielectric"

  • 2013
    Mr. Herbert Schletter
    "Preparation and characterization of nanostructured magnetic materials with special consideration of the exchange bias effect"

  • 2012
    Mr. Marius Toader
    "Self-assembled molecular arrays of distinct types of substituted metal phthalocyanines on crystalline metal substrates -A Nanoscale Study-"

  • 2008
    Mr. Luu Tien Hung
    "Study of the microstructure of some oxides and alloy materials in nanometer size by electron microscopy methods"
    (sandwich graduation with "Institute of Materials Science, VAST"in Vietnam)

  • 2006
    Mr. Thiruvancheril G. Gopakumar
    "Electronic, Geometric and Functional-Group Effects in the Adsorption of Organic Molecules: STM and STS of Ultra-Thin Layers of Phthalocyanines and Naphthalocyanines on Graphite (0001)"

  • 2003
    Mr. Stefan Grießl
    "Investigation of organic adsorbates on crystalline substrates with the scanning tunnel microscope"

    Mr. Markus Lackinger
    "Two-dimensional architectures of organic adsorbates"

  • 2001
    Mrs. Anne-Dorothea Müller
    "Electrochemical metal deposition with capillary probes"

    Mr. Frank Demming-Janssen
    "Contributions to the understanding of near-field optical phenomena in scanning probe geometries"

    Mr. Andreas Pack
    "Current Problems in Nano-Optics"

  • 2000
    Mr. Karsten Walzer
    "Scanning tunnel microscopy and spectroscopy of inorganic adsorbate systems"

  • 1998
    Mr. Falk Müller
    "Simultaneous measurement of electrical quantities with a scanning probe method"

  • 1997
    Mrs. Anna Bruska
    "Structural luminescence investigation on differently prepared, modified and structured nanoporous Si layers"

    Mr. Uwe Falke
    "Application of Electron Energy Loss Spectroscopy in Materials Science"

    Mrs. Xina Grählert
    "Synthesis, spectroscopic characterization and investigation of the electrochromic behavior of the diphtalocyanines of dysprosium, holmium, erbium, thulium and ytterbium"

  • 1996
    Mr. Bernd Hoffmann
    "Thin-film metal electrodes for chemo- and biosensors"

  • 1995
    Mr. Olaf Pester
    "Scanning probe microscopy and photoelectron spectroscopy of selected phthalocyanines"

    Mr. Hartmut Sbosny
    "Calculation of STM profile curves and quantum billards of finite wall heights"

  • 1992
    Mr. Peter Stäbeler
    "Development of a universal control unit for scanning tunneling microscopes"




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