Why can't college athletes make money?

US sports expert on extra income"College Sport Is Not Going To Collapse"

So far, it has been regulated at universities in the USA that good athletes who are worthy of support receive a full scholarship. This covers the very high tuition fees as well as accommodation, canteen meals and a small amount of pocket money. Beyond that, however, nothing may be earned - in contrast to students from other universities.

"In college sports, people have always clung to the age-old idea that you can only work with amateurs for the glory of the sport and the honor of the universities," explains Deutschlandfunk author and US sports expert Jürgen Kalwa.

US sports expert and Deutschlandfunk author Jürgen Kalwa (Deutschlandradio)

California Governor Gavin Newsom signed a bill in early October to make it easier for college athletes in his state to make money more easily with their name and brand image from 2023 onwards.

"That means that if you manage to make a small contract with a car dealer, for example, who will give him a rental car, or arrange small advertising appearances on television or generate other marketing opportunities, these can now be used," explains Jürgen Kalwa.

Horrible coach salaries

It is about billions in sales. According to Kalwa, what is generated in college sport is mainly generated by TV rights, but also by entrance fees and sponsors. That is phenomenal in America. However, the money also went to the staff of the coaches.

"They earn up to ten million dollars a year. And the supervisory bodies should also take good money home with them. Only the athletes themselves, who look into the tube," says the US sports expert.

Kalwa does not believe that college sports will break up as a result of this innovation. The question is whether the audience will still muster the very American enthusiasm for their old university.

"They are often ex-students who go to the games, they wear jerseys with the university's logos. There is a pride that is incorporated into it. I cannot imagine how I know America that that is It just slips away so that people say that if they are making money now, then I can no longer go there, "says Jürgen Kalwa.