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I was chatting about it with a company boss at a game the other day.
He said everyone! Home work or similar jobs are gone. And they are quasi 'inherited' by friends and relatives. Everything that is now on the net in the sector only serves one purpose. It is easy for the broker to get money, because he earns money with the form that you fill out and send him. He gives you a marginal portion of what he taps. ;-).
So you work (mostly) for a kind of pimp * grin *
* My experience from descriptions. Not representative *
* smile *
Yes, the offers for making money through opinion polls are mostly reputable. Basically, you should be careful with all offers on the Internet where the user first has to pay something himself before he can earn anything. However, this is not the case with opinion polls. You get a (small) amount credited for each completed survey, which you can then claim as soon as the credit is more than 10 euros.
There are many dubious as well as reputable offers to earn money with surveys. Under this link "" you can find many verified providers of home work. There you can find out what kind of companies these are and how the respective surveys are remunerated and how long such a survey takes.
Pascal Neumann
You will certainly not get rich if you take part in opinion polls on the Internet or get hired as an advertiser for them. Often these opinion polls are rewarded with vouchers, which in turn can be redeemed for other goods. If you have a lot of time and boredom, you will not forgive yourself if you take part in one or the other survey.
Yes, there are many reputable survey portals.
Some well-known ones are Toluna, MySurvey, Meinungsplatz or Global test Market. Usually the payout limits are very high and are around 20 or 25 euros.

A somewhat less well-known, but nonetheless serious panel is Hiving.
There you can request a cash credit or a voucher for as little as € 5.

It is best to register with several, then there will definitely be a little something around.
I have had good experiences with Hiving (quick payout), Toluna (many surveys) and Global test Market (also many surveys).
At YouGov and Meinungsplatz I'm still in the "test phase" and can't say much about these panels yet.

Hopefully I could help :)
What is the "real" hourly rate for such surveys? One euro, or even two euros?

Anyone who does something like this is, in my opinion, a lot of boredom.
Hello smarik76,

Believe it or not - there are people who enjoy this ;-)
Otherwise I wouldn't do that either, because there isn't enough money for that, you get some kind of expense allowance and no wages! That's why I don't convert that. In addition, every now and then you sit 10 minutes longer at the PC and can then afford a great voucher.
Small cattle also make crap!

I also learned a lot about my buying behavior! You start to analyze yourself better.
It's a good, serious "part-time job", nothing more ... and it doesn't cost anything! You pay with your data! Bonus / trading / customer cards are nothing else.

The institute pays you for each survey, an average of 10 cents per minute.

The following factors are decisive for the success of surveys:

1. Structural characteristics of the person -> see below
2. Conscientious answers -> otherwise red list
3. Response speed -> Process invitations quickly
4. Set of providers / institutes -> take overview pages such as an opinion question

Structural features mean: An unemployed academic, single and without a car is of course less likely to be invited to surveys than secondary school students who are married, have pets, take care of the household on the side and buy a new car every year. To put it bluntly. For example, academics are overrepresented in almost every pool.

Best wishes