How does your life look day by day

A day in the life of ... a senior project manager at TWT Interactive


Ulrike, how does your day start?

Ulrike: I usually start the day with an exchange with my colleagues in order to stay up to date on the current project business in the team. And of course to report on innovations and learnings from my everyday life. Learning from each other and sharing experiences is very important in our job. Then I start the day with the latest emails and updates on my projects.

What does a "typical working day" look like for you?

Ulrike: There is no typical process. 50 percent of my working day is filled with internal coordination on projects. In briefings, I coordinate with the project team, coordinate project tasks and check progress together with the team and keep an overview of the next steps. Using the project management tool Jira, the individual tasks per competence area are set, managed and assigned to the project team for processing on a daily basis. My job is, among other things, to finally carry out quality assurance in order to then provide the customer with the result. Without the final control by the project manager, nothing goes to the customer. In addition to the operational project business, of course, project controlling is one of my daily tasks, which includes monthly billing and internal reporting to the team.

What do you find most exciting about your job?

Ulrike: Definitely working with my team. Starting with the elaboration of a new idea up to the implementation of it. To be creative together, to implement my own ideas and to be able to actively collaborate on the conception - that always pleases me anew. In addition, it is always a very valuable experience for me to be able to present these developed ideas and solution approaches to the customer and thus enable significant added value in the everyday processes and the increase in the profitability of the customer or his implemented projects. Advising the customer on a holistic and strategic basis is the ideal situation that I can achieve. All of these factors are important to me and what inspires me about my job as a project manager.

What was your most exciting experience at TWT Interactive so far?

Ulrike: In any case, that was my first project with Merck. For the awareness campaign, we implemented an internal communication project which, compared to my previous projects, integrated not only online but also offline channels and addressed an international target group. The specialty then was not only, for example, to control and send the offline promotion worldwide, but above all to lead a project team of around 16 experts on the part of TWT and also to coordinate several technical contacts on the customer side and the major project in one clear to realize a defined project period of just under 4 months.
Not only is the customer very satisfied, but above all the project team.

What qualities should a project manager have?

Ulrike: Lots! Above all, however, he should be communicative, able to work openly, in a structured manner and show empathy towards his customers and colleagues. It is particularly important for a project manager to have the big picture in view and to always think in a solution-oriented manner as soon as a small stumbling block appears on the way to the goal. The willingness to acquire a technical understanding and to be enthusiastic about conception is also a quality that distinguishes a project manager.

And what job would you have if you weren't a project manager?

Ulrike: Probably an event manager. Which is probably due to my weakness for planning and organizing. As a teenager, however, I really wanted to dedicate my future to archeology, but finding my interest in pharaohs and hidden archaeological sites subsided when I finished school.