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Cancer: When does naturopathy make sense?

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Cancer cell: In Germany there are more than 500 "biological" remedies for the disease.

Cancer diagnosis: After the first shock, stressful therapies with surgery, radiation and chemotherapy follow. In this situation, many of those affected hope for supportive and soothing effects from the Naturopathy, for example through plant extracts, acupuncture or vitamins. Indeed, natural means can Side effects from chemotherapy and radiation therapy to alleviate the Forces of resistance strengthen the body and sometimes even that Risk of relapse reduce. However, it is important to obtain expert medical advice in order to achieve safe and effective treatment of the individual complaints.

Complementary cancer therapy is not an alternative medicine

The use of naturopathy in cancer medicine is not about alternatives to classic cancer medicine, but about theirs complement - and, among other things, that the conventional medical therapies are better tolerated. Doctors therefore speak of complementary medicine. Anyone who interrupts conventional medical therapies also gives up part of their chances of recovery. Therefore shouldchemotherapy andIrradiation not be given up because of naturopathic therapy.

Goals of complementary medicine

The supportive therapies are successfully used for the following complaints, for example:

  • nausea
  • diarrhea
  • Inflammation of the lining of the mouth
  • Joint and muscle pain
  • Nerve disorders: nerve pain and abnormal sensations (polyneuropathy)
  • Susceptibility to infection
  • sleep disorders
  • Sweats
  • weakness
  • Difficulty concentrating

In addition, complementary naturopathic treatments can increase the effectiveness of conventional medicine in individual cases. That they even do that Risk of relapse can decrease, especially for Sports and exercise therapies.

Complementary Medicine Procedure

Complementary medicine uses methods from five major areas:

  • nutrition
  • Move
  • Mindfulness
  • manual therapies
  • Administration of various substances

Individual components also go back to traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine.

The Choosing the appropriate method depends on the individual situation and the current complaints. Because every effective procedure can also be harmful under certain circumstances. It doesn't just depend on which naturopathic therapies are used, but also when. For example, have individual substances unwanted interactions with important cancer drugs and must therefore not be taken during chemotherapy.

Even if it's increasingly secured Findings on effectiveness there are still no conclusive scientific evidence. In addition, the success of the individual procedure in the individual situation of the sick person cannot be guaranteed. The study situation is often uncertain and the use is based on traditional empirical medicine. The attending physician should point this out to the sick person.

Diet in complementary cancer therapy

  • Nutritional therapy is supposed to help you Prevent deficiencies in vitamins and minerals. With advanced cancer, it is also important to avoid dangerous weight loss and malnutrition. For people with liver cancer and colon cancer, nutritional medicine approaches should even be able to prolong life.
  • Short-term fasting According to current research results, during chemotherapy it should be able to improve the tolerability of the drugs.
  • If you are overweight after cancer, normalizing your weight can help reduce this Risk of relapse to reduce.

Movement in Complementary Cancer Therapy

  • Physical activitycan measurably reduce the side effects of chemotherapy or anti-hormonal therapy. Exercise also has a direct influence on the development of cancer, its course and the risk of relapse.
  • Aoncological sports therapyshould strengthen the immune system, improve performance and quality of life. Endurance sports and muscle strengthening are used here. Yoga, tai chi and quigong are also often recommended for cancer patients.

Mindfulness in Complementary Cancer Therapy

So-called mind-body medicine uses the interaction of body and mind to reduce the negative psychological consequences of cancer and to strengthen self-healing powers. This includes:

  • hypnosis
  • meditation
  • Psychological counseling, stress management and mental training
  • Relaxation methods such as autogenic training or muscle relaxation

Manual therapies in complementary cancer medicine

In addition to various manual therapies from physiotherapy comes in particular acupuncture for use. According to studies, it helps many breast cancer sufferers with joint and muscle pain, night sweats and hot flashes.

Complementary cancer therapy substances

  • Substances obtained synthetically from the hemp plant (Cannabinoids) are supposed to relieve pain as well as nausea and vomiting during radiation and chemotherapy. In Germany, cannabinoids will be approved in a controlled manner from 2017.
  • The effect ofMistletoe extract on strengthening the immune system is scientifically controversial. Mistletoe therapy can subjectively improve the quality of life. In certain types of cancer, however, ingestion can be dangerous.
  • incense is used in brain tumors as an additional remedy against tissue swelling.
  • If you are undergoing radiation or chemotherapyEnzymes (Papain, chemotrypsin, trypsin, glutathione) andplants (Ginger root, Shiitake mushrooms) Relieve side effects such as hair loss, vomiting and nervous disorders.
  • The Spiceturmeric Although it has an anti-inflammatory effect, it changes blood clotting. This can lead, for example, to bleeding from the mucous membranes affected by chemotherapy. You should therefore only start taking it after the end of chemotherapy.

Selenium doesn't always make sense

TheTrace elementselenium the body cannot produce it itself, but has to take it in with food. Selenium is seen as essential in both prevention and cancer therapy: the mineral helps capture harmful radicals, stabilizes immune cells and can repair DNA. In addition, the substance should protect against the side effects of radiation or chemotherapy. However, standcell protecting agents like selenium or certain vitamins suspected to also protect the cancer cells. Hence, these funds shouldonly as aftercare for chemotherapy be taken in the build-up phase.

Dietary supplements: check blood values

Before taking supplements such as selenium, omega-3 fatty acids, magnesium, and vitamin D, the doctor should be familiar with oneBlood test find out whether there really is a deficiency. The blood values ​​should be checked at least every three months during therapy.

Talk to the doctor openly about complementary therapy

Two thirds of the sick do not tell their doctors about the use of complementary medicine on a biological basis. However, the attending physician, oncologist and family doctor should always know which additional therapies the cancer patient is using. Because additional treatments canMain therapyaffect or even worsen the cancer. Not everything helps with every cancer and at different stages of the disease. One is harmfulAdditional therapy even if it is of no use, but financially burdens the sick person.

Recognize dubious cancer therapists

Cases of dubious therapists come to light again and again. With alternative cancer therapies, great caution should be exercised in the following cases:

  • The provider insists that all conventional medical treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation therapy be discontinued.
  • He insists on a long-term private treatment contract.
  • The effectiveness of the therapy is "proven" solely with references, recommendations and case reports, but without recognized scientific publications.
  • The language of the "evidence" sounds scientific and is difficult for non-medical professionals to understand.
  • The therapy is said to be effective against all cancers in all stages and against other serious diseases such as AIDS and multiple sclerosis.
  • The method is touted as natural, gentle and at the same time free of side effects.
  • Allegedly, a large number of sick people were cured, which conventional doctors have already given up.
  • The provider refers to a conspiracy by conventional medical doctors and the pharmaceutical industry to prevent the breakthrough of an alternative method.

How medicinal mushrooms can help

Chinese medicinal mushrooms such as Reishi, Fu Ling and Cordyceps are said to strengthen the immune system and lower blood sugar. In what cases can mushrooms cure? more

Experts on the subject

Dr. Mirjam A. Wüsthof, specialist in internal medicine, hematology and oncology
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Dr. Jörn Klasen, specialist in internal medicine, anthroposophic medicine, naturopathic treatment, qualified curative educator
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Dr. Olaf Katzler, gynecologist
Barbara Kirschbaum, alternative practitioner, TCM expert
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