Wise is wise or intelligent is wisdom

Smart Phrases - 20 Quotes About Wisdom

Since the post is very popular with over 20 quotes for a better life, I rummaged through various sources again. Result: 20 statements about cleverness.

1. The wise can be taught, the unwise knows everything better. (Franz Carl Endres)

2. Only the stupid learns from experience, the clever, on the other hand, from the experience of others. (Otto von Bismarck)

3. Even the most difficult facts are to be conveyed to the stupidest, if he does not yet have an idea of ​​it. On the other hand, the simplest thing cannot be explained to even the brightest if he firmly believes he already knows exactly what it is about. (Leo Tolstoy)

4. If there weren't so many fools, the smart would not be successful. (Mark Twain)

5. The wisdom of a man is a ladder; that of a woman is a spiral staircase. (Haldor Laxness)

6. Nothing is as fairly distributed as common sense. Nobody thinks they need more of it than they have. (René Descartes)

7. The advantage of prudence is that you can pretend to be stupid. The opposite is more difficult. (Kurt Tucholsky)

8. The best way to be fooled is to think that you are smarter than others. (Francois de La Rochefoucauld)

9. If you say something astute, the crowd will applaud you; but profundity can only understand profundity. (Emanuel Geibel)

10. A wise man notices everything, a stupid makes his remarks about everything. (Heinrich Heine)

11. The wise one is annoyed at the stupid things, the wise one smiles at them. (Curt Goetz)

12. The pity of humanity is that the wise are cowardly, the brave are stupid, and the able are impatient. The ideal would be the brave clever man with the necessary patience. (Truman Capote)

13. There is no prudence against stupidity that is currently in vogue. (Theodor Fontane)

14. There is often more mind and ingenuity in error than in discovery. (Joseph Joubert)

15. One cannot take over wisdom completely, one has to discover it for oneself on a path that no one will go for us and no one can spare us, because it consists in a certain view of things. (Marcel Proust)

16. A wise man does not make all mistakes himself. He also gives others a chance. (Winston Churchill)

17. The fox's cleverness is often overestimated because the stupidity of the chickens is also given credit for it. (Hans Kasper)

18. Clever life means taking all things as important as possible, but not taking any completely seriously. (Arthur Schnitzler)

19. We all live under the same sky, but we do not all have the same horizon. (Konrad Adenauer)

20. You can tell whether a person is clever by their answers. You can tell whether a person is wise by asking questions. (Nagib Machfus)