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Deleting & removing contacts: Tips for Xing & Linkedin

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Many people find the topic uncomfortable or embarrassing: How can you remove and delete contacts on LinkedIn or Xing? Good question! After all, cleaning up contacts is also part of maintaining a network. The reasons for this are Legion: This may be because it is only a question of card parts. Or a radical change of occupation and job has simply made some of the business contacts obsolete. But how can contacts be deleted? Here are simple instructions and tips ...

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➠ Content: This is what awaits you

Deleting contacts: Tips for LinkedIn and Xing

Sometimes people who have once been added to your network reveal themselves to be real spammers. You should quickly refrain from such contacts. After all, it is not the number of confirmed contacts that is decisive, but their quality. Unfortunately, the respective networks don't make it all that easy. The ways to delete contacts are also quite different, if not to say: sometimes complicated. But there are solutions - especially for Xing and LinkedIn.

Remove contacts on Xing

For whatever reason: If you want to delete existing contacts on Xing, it is relatively easy. To do this, first click on “Your Network” on the Xing homepage. You can then search your network for names and profiles that you want to remove. Now you just have to click on the three dots ("...") to the right of the profile. A menu opens there. At the end you have the option: "Delete contact". As soon as you click on it, a security question appears again: You can delete the contact secretly - or send the person a goodbye message. Which variant you choose is up to you.

Delete contacts - on Linkedin

At Linkedin, things look a little more complicated. If you want to remove or delete a contact here, you must first select "Your network" above. Then click on "Linkedin Contacts" on the left. These are all of your contacts.

Here, too, you can search for names that you want to remove from your network. Then right click again on the menu with the three dots ("...") and select "Remove contact". Here, too, there is first a security question. If you click "Remove", the profile will be deleted from your network.

The special thing about Linkedin: The removal of contacts from your own network is done discreetly on this platform. The person concerned is not informed about this and may not even notice it. Depending on the type of "ex-relationship", it is advisable to send a message beforehand.

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