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Electrical installation - what can you do yourself

Electrical installation - what am I allowed to do myself?

If you have a little skill in using tools, you can do as many tasks as possible in-house. After all, you can save a lot of money this way. However, you cannot actually do everything yourself that you trust yourself to do. Especially with the electrical installation. Working on electrical systems is generally dangerous and, in the worst case scenario, can lead to an electric shock, which can also be fatal. It is therefore generally advisable to only allow trained specialists to work on electrical systems.

When it comes to electrical installation work in new buildings or renovations, however, there are certainly activities that the do-it-yourselfer can do himself. These activities are simple and make up around 50 to 60 percent of the working time. These works include:

However, a prerequisite is always the supervision of a professionally trained person who constantly checks the work. Other important prerequisites are that the work is carried out when the power is off.

Working on the electrical system itself is actually taboo for laypeople! This is what Paragraph 13 of the “Low Voltage Connection Ordinance” says. This ban applies to all electrical systems in the house. Even sockets or light switches are actually not allowed to be replaced, although the spare parts for them are freely available in stores. The dealers protect themselves with appropriate warning notices.

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§ 13 Low Voltage Connection Ordinance

„… In addition to the network operator, the work may only be carried out by an installation company entered in a network operator's list of installers; In the interests of the connectee, the network operator may only make an entry in the list of installers dependent on evidence of sufficient professional qualifications to carry out the respective work ... "

Don't worry, but ...

Of course, the do-it-yourselfer can hang, take off or hang his lamp himself. Legally, he is not allowed to just connect or disconnect them! Just as little as changing a defective socket, installing a light switch or connecting a dimmer.

But let's leave the church in the village! You can do small and simple jobs yourself. No do-it-yourselfer is therefore threatened with a fine for the work described above. None of the work described above would ever be controlled by the network operator. And those who strictly adhere to the safety regulations and recommendations, the installation descriptions and rules should not make any mistakes.

Yet! One thing you have to know: If damage is caused by incorrect installation, if there is a cable fire with an apartment fire as a result, for example due to overloading, or if a person suffers an electric shock, you are personally liable. If it is proven that the damage was caused by your electrical installation, you must expect that the insurance company will not pay. If a person dies from an electric shock, this can have fatal consequences!

It is not without reason that the installation of electrical systems is one of the master crafts in Germany. This means that the electrical installation must be carried out by a master company. Anyone who, as an experienced do-it-yourselfer, would still like to carry out some of the work from the electrician trade, should definitely agree this in advance with a specialist company.

Suitable electrical specialist companies

So: look for a reputable electrical company for electrical installation work! As a recognized industry association, the electrical guild can provide information about the quality of an electrical installation company. Every electrical company must be registered in the electrical guild's handicrafts register. It also awards the seal of approval for electrical engineering.

Another indication of the quality of a company is membership in the “E-Check-Partner” network. Every electrical specialist in the guild specially qualified for the e-check will advise on safety issues relating to electrical installation. In addition, these specialist companies also offer advice on energy-saving options.

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