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6 facts: What really helps against smelly garbage

Bad smells from the trash can spoil the fun of cooking and the most beautiful kitchen. It is usually worst in summer, when the garbage in the organic waste bin heats up and maggots and mushrooms multiply here. But even the garbage that is stored inside at controlled temperatures can quickly start to smell unpleasant if it is not disposed of regularly. But even regularly emptied bins start to smell unpleasant over time. Even the best washing-up liquid can sometimes fail to counteract the smells that the bucket itself gives off. Very simple home remedies help to avoid the development of unpleasant odors or, once they are there, to remove them reliably.

Take out the rubbish routine

The rubbish bin is already overflowing and the smell of rotten, disposed of food is slowly spreading throughout the apartment - but who doesn't know it: It would mess up the entire schedule if you took out the rubbish before work.

What helps against this debacle is routine. For example, you can schedule time to dispose of it every third day in the morning or do something for your health regularly after work and still go down the stairs again to take away the rubbish. Otherwise, of course, the good old note on the door always helps as a reminder.

Put newspapers in the trash can

When it comes to garbage, newsprint can sometimes do more than a whole hodgepodge of cleaning agents. Newspapers in the garbage can soak up the moisture and ensure that putrefaction processes take place more slowly. Newspapers have been shown to be particularly effective at reducing the odor of garbage. First of all, the bottom of the rubbish bin or bio bin can be covered with a thick layer of newspaper. This prevents moisture from settling on the bottom of the bucket and developing bad smells that can only be removed by scrubbing. It is also recommended to wrap leftover food in newspaper. So that you don't lose a lot of time with wrapping in everyday life, you can simply make small bags out of two to three layers of newspaper. When cutting vegetables, for example, you can cut the waste directly into it, fold the bag up and throw it into the rubbish.

Put the garbage can in the shade

The following applies in particular to the organic waste bin - the warmer it is, the more comfortable the bacteria that are responsible for bad smells in the garbage feel. The faster not only bacteria multiply, but also maggots and the larvae of other insects. It is therefore a good idea to find a shady place for the garbage can in summer. It is best to get it somewhere where it is protected from the sun all day long. It can also be hidden in the storage room or in the tool shed. Also such planted “hiding places”, like here in the example, ensure that the garbage in the bin cannot heat up too much.

Our book of ideas shows more ideas on how to cleverly make the garbage can disappear and at the same time find a shady spot for it.

Baking soda, coffee and vinegar

Baking soda isn't just good for baking. It is an insider tip when dealing with burned food or when cleaning the stove. Baking powder also works against an unpleasant smelling garbage can. To do this, it is sprinkled on the bottom of the garbage can, left to soak for a while and then the garbage can is washed out thoroughly. Fresh coffee powder, which you put on newspapers in the garbage can, also helps against unpleasant odors. Bacteria can also be easily eliminated by cleaning the garbage can regularly with vinegar or citric acid. Simply put cleaning vinegar on a sponge and use it to wipe out the rinsed garbage can. Then rinse well and let dry.

The disadvantages of deodorant for the trash can

While filters convert putrefactive bacteria, deodorants for the miller's bucket only cover the bad smells. Chemical deodorants do not really improve the smells that arise in the garbage can. They just overlay them for a while. However, the chemical compositions of the deodorants pollute the air in the room. It is better to equip the trash can with practical garbage bags that make it easier to remove and help you to quickly grab the garbage and take it out. You shouldn't use plastic bags for organic waste alone.

Biofilter for the bio bin

This bowl, which was created in the spirit of upcycling, shows that beautiful things can actually be made from organic waste. As unusual as this idea is, the more common are problems that arise when disposing of organic waste.

A common problem with organic garbage cans are maggots. They also collect in the garbage, like flies and mushrooms. Modern bio filter lids should ensure that the bin remains tightly closed. Active enzymes and microorganisms in the lid are supposed to ensure that the gases that are produced in the event of rotting are converted into low-odor substances. The filters can be purchased for common rubbish bins and were developed in such a way that the bin can withstand the two-week emptying rhythm without developing unpleasant odors.

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