What should i do after masturbating

Refraining from masturbation: hands off!

Masturbating gets a bad image again. Many young men do without it voluntarily - in the hope of a better life.

The slogan of the fapstronauts: Get your life back under control. Image: photocase / madochab

Masturbation is harmful. There are ideas that never go out of style. There are a bunch of young men who mean that and who rely on the fact that they can rearrange their lives by renouncing masturbation. This community is called NoFap by abstainers. Fap is coming from to fap or fapping and means: masturbate.

The slogan of the fapstronauts, as they call themselves, is: "Get a new grip on life" - Get your life under control again. There are nearly 150,000 fapstronauts on the reddit forums, where NoFap began.

On the forums, the fapstronauts talk about how much better they are without masturbation and without pornography. They are trying to break out of a circle of PMO - porn, masturbation, orgasm. In return, they do without all three of these things. Because these things are inextricably linked for the fapstronauts. No masturbation without porn, so no orgasm without porn. NoFap acts like the self-help program of a generation that grew up with internet pornography.

The experience reports are remarkable. On the forums, the young (and old) men write about salvation. About the fact that their “social fears are going away”, that they feel “alive and full of energy”. They report that their erection problems have disappeared and that they finally dared to speak to women.

Hendrik is 33 years old and is studying English and sport to become a teacher. His name is actually different; and what it looks like cannot be said either. He just wants to talk on the phone. Hendrik says he has always masturbated to porn. "When I got home in the evening, it might not be my first thought, but it definitely was my third thought: porn." It was never different, and it became a habit. “I didn't watch porn when I felt like it. I watched her to get pleasure and then masturbate. "

Healing through abstinence

Some time ago Hendrik noticed that he always had problems when he slept with women. He didn't get an erection; and when he did, he would not have an orgasm. One day Hendrik googled "masturbation and impotence" and found NoFap. The many forum entries promised healing. If he gave up porn and masturbation for just 90 days, he would be better off. 90 days to redemption.

The fapstronauts are not religious. The condemnation of masturbation was never just a privilege of believers. The fapstronauts care about their "mental and physical health", not about their souls. That masturbation is medically harmful is actually an educated idea.

This idea begins in 1712 and a book called "Onania, or the hideous sin of self-defilement". The Onania was the work of a quack, but it spread across the continent and was translated into all European languages. So the idea that masturbation makes you sick found its way into the mainstream. Until then, the churches had a monopoly on warning against masturbation. There was enough evidence in the Bible. The Church condemned masturbation as an act against God. Bad enough. But suddenly it was also an offense against one's own health.

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When the Swiss doctor Simon-August Tissod wrote his dissertation entitled “The Onanism. Treatise on Diseases Through Masturbation ”, the fate of masturbation was sealed. Few in 18th and 19th century Europe could masturbate without feeling like they were doing something unhealthy.

From church to NoFap

The Enlightenment led not only a medical battle against masturbation, but also a moral one. Pedagogy and philosophy followed. Jean-Jacques Rousseau condemned masturbation as much as Immanuel Kant. Masturbation was an expression of indiscipline, a pleasure without benefit. Anyone who masturbated was antisocial, disconnected from society. Young people should never indulge in the infinite pool of sexual stimuli that their own imagination made available.

From there, it's not far to NoFap. Its basic idea is scientific through and through: NoFap started on reddit with a discussion about a scientific study. It said that a man's testosterone levels would peak after seven days of abstinence. The first tried, and NoFap was born.

Today anyone who finds NoFap on the internet is referred to Gary Wilson. Gary Wilson is the no-wanker scientist. On his website he explains his thesis: The human brain is not ready for the amount of easily accessible hardcore pornography that exists today. Arousal arises from novelty in the male brain, according to Wilson. When the brain receives a new sexual stimulus, it releases dopamine. The Internet enables an infinite pool of “novelty”, which means that young men in particular are riding a wave of dopamine. This intoxication would practically wipe out the reward system in the brain, the physiological and psychological consequences are: loneliness, pathological shyness, depression or inability to relate.

Hendrik was also the first to find Gary Wilson. “When I saw the video, I was struck by lightning,” he says. "I finally understand what the problem is."

Wilson also describes a way of healing on his website: If you refrain from pornography long enough, you can repair your reward system. The fapstronauts call this reboot. They are rebuilding the hard drive of their sexuality. Various sites on the Internet offer support for such a reboot. They often call it a challenge. Hendrik is doing one.

These challenges not only mean renouncing pornography, but also masturbating, and this is where the misunderstanding begins. Gary Wilson himself writes on his website: “Most debates about porn addiction evolve into debates about masturbation. That is pointless and pollutes our debate. "

NoFap instead of NoPorn

But that's exactly what NoFap is all about. It's not called NoPorn. The fapstronauts talk about masturbation, not pornography. They tell of the fact that they close their computers and discover life. And just as one generalizes the problem, so too generalizes the cure. Just stop and it'll work.

That is also understandable. Because NoFap and all the many websites picking up the trend promise something. Boosted by the Internet, forums, Facebook and hundreds of memes, NoFap promises a better life: more productivity, more energy, more women. And all of this is just a flick away. Or just no move.

But it is only a short distance from the idea that masturbation robs you of energy to that it makes you sick. One writes: “I'm looking for a medical clue about the connection between masturbation and back pain. Can someone help me? ”And that’s how quickly you’re back in the 18th century.

It's a complicated matter. That’s always sex. Access to an infinite archive of internet pornography changes people's sexuality. That is a legitimate concern. To get rid of it, people renounce an essential part of their sexuality.

Hendrik held out his 90 days. It wasn't easy, but he was looking forward to a new sex life. In fact, he met a woman relatively quickly. They went out and home together. When they lay naked in bed together, Hendrik did not have an erection again. He went home frustrated. The next day he watched some porn and jerked off.