What is Integrated Steel Mill

A Integrated metallurgical plant is a combination of several production stages at one location in order to manufacture steel products from the raw materials. Usually the work consists of:

  1. a steelworks that produces pig iron from ore, e.g. in a blast furnace.
  2. mostly a coking plant to produce the required metallurgical coke,
  3. a steelworks that produces steel from pig iron by refining,
  4. a foundry to manufacture semi-finished products from the liquid steel and
  5. a rolling mill that produces the finished product from the semi-finished product,
  6. as well as ancillary systems such as power plants, systems for process gas generation, waste recycling and maintenance operations. In Korea and Japan in particular, there are plants that are located directly next to steel processing companies.

Resources of a Integrated steel mill are ore, coke and lime, end products of one Integrated steel mill are flat steels, steel profiles and slabs.

Practically all steelworks that have been newly established in the industrialized countries since around 1985 integrated steel millsin order to guarantee the most efficient production possible and to survive in the tough international competition in steel production.

The integrated smelters are usually located in such a way that they can be supplied inexpensively with the raw materials that are shipped by ship. That is why newly built plants usually have efficient ports.

Since the integrated plants have a very high capital requirement, there is an alternative concept for steel production at one location with mini steel plants.

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