How was your training today

What did i learn today

After training home, unpack the bag, and that's it for the time being with football until the next training session or game is due. After all, there's not much you can do at home anymore - can you? If you want to get better, you can not only achieve this through actions on the pitch or extra exercises on the ball: You can also use your head to ensure that you keep learning.

You can achieve a lot with pen and paper

You can learn something from almost every training session. Either the trainer explained something, or you may have noticed something yourself. Now it is important that you do not forget what you have learned! You can achieve this very easily: In the evening, write down what was special about the training today. While it may sound a little strange at first, it will help you avoid making mistakes next time.


But what should you write down? Here we have a little checklist for you. They are questions that you should ask yourself after a workout. The answers don't have to be long; just long enough for you to remember what you were thinking after a few days.

How was your technique
  • How were you taking and taking balls?
  • How were your passports
  • How were your shots on goal?
How did you act tactically?
  • How have you been in duels?
  • How many balls did you win or catch?
  • How often have you been able to run free and be played?
  • How did you solve game situations when you were on the ball?
Tips from the trainer
  • What did the trainer want to teach you today?
  • What did your coach tell you or the team?
You can also learn from fellow players
  • What did other players do particularly well?

You can learn from these records. To do this, it is important that you ask yourself the following question:

"What would I like to improve in the next training session, and what should I pay attention to?"

set goals

No matter if training or game; Always end your notes by setting a clear goal. Leave it alone with one goal, because if you take on too much, you usually don't really care about any of it! So if you had a noticeably high number of bad passes in the last game, your goal could be: "I will pay particular attention to my passing game in the next training session!"

Of course, you should read your notes briefly before your next training or game. But even during training, it is important to keep reminding yourself of what you have planned for this unit. When you're back home, you can use your notes to rate how you did it. Was it good? Then you can take care of something else. Didn't it go so well? Then approach this goal again next time!