How to order free food

Delivery service app: The 3 best free apps in the test

With a delivery service app, you can order your food conveniently and easily at home. It gives you an overview of different restaurants and dishes. But since there is a jungle of delivery service apps, we present you our top 3 in this articlefor Android and iOS.

Who does not know it? Sometimes you just don't feel like cooking or have time to cook after a stressful day, but still want to make yourself comfortable on the couch with a delicious pizza, tasty pasta or fresh sushi. In the past, people picked up the phone and called a restaurant or delivery service. Nowadays it is even easier and faster, namely via the app on your smartphone or tablet: Select the restaurant and dish, enter the address and the food is on its way to you.

Lieferando - The extensive one

With the free Lieferando App you can choose from more than 10,000 restaurants across Germany. You determine the location either by GPS or manually. The delivery service app then shows you which services deliver there. The type of restaurant, travel time, minimum order value and delivery costs are shown in the listing. Using an extensive filter function, you can sort the restaurants by distance, user rating, price or alphabetically. Of course, they can also be sorted by type of kitchen or you can check the integrated map to see how far they are from you. Because at Lieferando you can also place an order and have the option to pick it up yourself. Whether self-employed or delivery, you can specify on the start page of the app in the top bar. Quite handy for stretching your legs during your lunch break, as we think.

We also really like the “Favorites” function, where you can remember your favorite restaurants and don't have to look great the next time you order. The only small disadvantage of the delivery service app is the menu structure, which at first seems a bit confusing due to its enormous selection of filters and information. But if you deal with it briefly, the app is very user-friendly. At Lieferando You can pay in cash as well as with PayPal, credit card or instant transfer. In addition, you can always see where the driver is with your food via live tracking.


  • Large selection
  • Much information
  • Collection possible


  • somewhat unstructured menu

Download the app here Lieferando free download

Foodora - The Urban

If you live in a big city like Berlin, Munich or Düsseldorf, you probably already have one of the many Foodora-Delivery driver seen on their bike. The free app Foodora is not the classic delivery service app as you would expect at first, a different concept is used here: The service delivers with its own drivers from restaurants in your area without its own delivery service.

The primary goal of the delivery service is to bring the food to you at record speed. You can always track the status of the order in real time - even the driver is displayed via live tracking. The disadvantage here is currently the payment option, because payment can only be made online via PayPal, credit card or instant transfer, cash is not accepted. Another problem is the spread of the app, as it is currently only available in large cities and the range in smaller cities is very limited or not available at all.


  • Restaurant without its own delivery service
  • Fast delivery
  • Live tracking


  • No cash payment possible
  • Only useful in large cities

Download the app hereFoodora free download:

Delivery hero - The clear one

At Delivery hero It is also a free app that offers you a selection from over 10,000 restaurants across Germany. Similar to Lieferando, you have to enter your location here at the beginning or have it determined and the app suggests the restaurants in your area. You can also see the minimum order value and customer ratings at a glance. On top: With every order you collect Payback points, which you can use with Delivery hero can redeem.

It is practical that you can filter your results list according to various criteria such as rating or distance. If you do not have any cash at home, you simply select the option "online payment" in the filter criteria and payment can be flexibly regulated via PayPal, instant transfer or credit card. Of course, you can also pay in cash at any time when your order arrives. There is also the filter option with the name "Delivery hero Award ". Because Delivery hero annually selects the top 500 restaurants with order options. Should the restaurant of your choice be marked with the "Delivery hero Award “, it was checked for quality, reliability and customer satisfaction. Once you have completed your order, you can see where the driver is with your food via live tracking in the app.


  • Lots of reviews
  • Live tracking
  • Delivery Hero Award


  • User interface not optimal

Download the app here Delivery hero free download:


The fact is that all three delivery service apps are user-friendly and can be conveniently used on a smartphone or tablet. In our test we got Delivery hero and Lieferando liked best, as there are many different options here so that you can find your dream meal as quickly as possible. With customer ratings you can see at a glance which restaurants are among the best. Another big plus point are the different payment options that both apps offer. We also find the concept of Foodora, which means you have even more individual restaurants to choose from, as the delivery drivers from Foodora be provided by yourself.