Are there 9mm revolvers why

Zoraki blank firing revolver 2, 2 inch, burnished, cal. 9mm R.K.

Zoraki blank firing weapons from Atak Arms Turkey have gained an excellent reputation in a very short time.

This also includes the classic and smallest Zoraki gas signal revolver R2 with a 2 inch barrel length.

The roughened revolver grip sits comfortably in the hand. However, it is very small, like the whole revolver itself at just 17.5 cm.

The workmanship is pretty good, here and there the browning has a little flaw on which we have no influence. We have informed the importer.
The materials and robustness are very good thanks to hardened steel. For example, steel is used in the cylinder (drum), drum lock and inner barrel.

The drum is unlocked from the side by sliding the lock and can be folded out.

Zoraki blank firing weapons are very flexible in their use of muntions.
Whether Skullfire, Walther or GSG Ekol Firat ammunition, no Zoraki revolver has caused problems with one of the ammunition mentioned.

The gas revolver comes in a lockable case. We also deliver a practical combination lock case (preset to three times 0).
This means that arms transport is not a problem.

Please note: Blank firing revolvers are only conditionally suitable for Pyro ammunition, as pressure escapes due to the distance between the drum and not every Pyro fireworks ammunition is ignited with it.

Specifications of the Zoraki blank firing revolver 2.2 inch, burnished, cal. 9 mm R.K .:

  • Magazine capacity: 6 rounds drum
  • Backup: manual
  • Length: 175 mm
  • Barrel length: 2 inches
  • Width: 36mm
  • Weight: 666 g
  • Components: 42
  • Temperature range: -15 ° - + 50 °
  • Trigger: Double and Single Action
  • PTB 1006

Scope of delivery:

  • Zoraki blank firing revolver 2, 2 inches, burnished, cal. 9 mm R.K.
  • Magazine, 6 rounds drum
  • Launch cup
  • Cleaning brush
  • Plastic case
  • Combination lock

Here you will find the right 9 mm revolver ammunition.

Please note: each alarm revolver is individually fired by the PTB for acceptance and only then stamped.
This can lead to slight signs of use which are unfortunately inevitable.

Maintain your Zoraki gas signal revolver after each use with gun oil, the cleaning brush and a soft cloth. Clean the drum.

Gun legal information:
Sale and shipping only within Germany, no foreign sales. Shipping only possible with DHL.
Zoraki blank firing revolver 2, 2 inches, burnished, cal. 9 mm R.K. is freely available from the age of 18 with proof of age, provided we have not yet received it.
If you would like to wield a blank gun, please read the details on the small gun license.