Why do people look different

Why does everyone look different?

People are different from each other. Why is that? Lars Weinbender from the Schillerschule Mannheim would like to know that.

Everyone has some kind of blueprint. This is stored in the genes, i.e. in our hereditary traits. Your father and mother also have such a plan - and you got yours from them, they say: inherited. And the mix of your father's and mother's genes resulted in your blueprint that is unique in the world.

This specifies whether your eyes are blue or brown and what color your hair is, but also, for example, the shape of your nose.

Do you have a brother or a sister They also have your parents' genes - but they look different, right? That's because they got a completely different mix.

In the whole world there are therefore no two people who look absolutely identical. Not even twins - although they share their genetic makeup, but not 100 percent. Therefore, at first glance, they look confusingly similar. There are still differences.

And if you are friends with twins, you will quickly notice that they can also be very different in other ways: their personalities are different. They are not one and the same person.

And that applies to everyone: the blueprint with which we were born, i.e. our genes are not the only decisive factors in our lives. The way in which we grow up, our environment and experiences also play a major role. The people around us shape us. And everything together makes you who you are.