Where can I register a Canon camera

Product Registration - 3 Year Warranty

For products purchased within Germany

Please register your SIGMA products so that we can provide you with the latest information about your product such as firmware or software updates and you can take advantage of the extended SIGMA (Germany) 3-year guarantee.

Please note that you can only register products from the current delivery program that have been placed on the market by SIGMA (Deutschland) GmbH (recognizable by our guarantee seal in red or gray on the sales packaging; subject to further testing) within eight weeks after purchase.

The SIGMA 3-year guarantee terms, which you can view here, apply exclusively to the 3-year guarantee. Following successful registration, a guarantee certificate will be created in PDF format for you, which you will need to make use of the 3-year guarantee. You must keep this certificate and enclose it if you send it in.

To purchase the extended SIGMA (Germany) 3-year guarantee, please contact us atmySIGMA customer portal and register your product.

To the mySIGMA customer portal


European Products - Paid Additional Warranty

If you have purchased a SIGMA lens outside of Germany but within Europe, you have the option of purchasing an additional guarantee for a fee. Further conditions and the costs for the additional guarantee can be found in the guarantee conditions here.

For further information and the purchase of the additional guarantee, which is subject to a fee, please contact our head office (Tel: 06074 86516 0 or email: [email protected]). The form below is only used to register the extended SIGMA (Germany) 3-year guarantee as described above.