How do I publish my math formula

WordPress: Mathematical Formula

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What are corporate blogs? - Small definition

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Personally, I think very highly of blogging but haven't found the time in recent years. I publish my current free 3D work here in the r23: blog and, for a few days, also deep learning, artificial intelligence, machine learning.

For my digital agency for Virtual &Augmented reality have been our daily companions for years.

For example, I use the new technology for creating product photos with a so-called extended depth of field. This is created through recordings with a very good camera in a well-lit studio, which are then digitally processed with artificial intelligence.

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Since I would like to blog about deep learning, artificial intelligence and machine learning, I was faced with the question of how I can present the complex content. One question was how can i use the math formulas im here r23: blog publish.

Math formulas

Weights from a distribution with zero mean and a
draw certain deviation

And math formulas can be wonderfully published in WordPress.

Description WordPress Plugin: Equation Editor

Equation Editor is a WordPress plugin with which you can insert formulas and equations from mathematics, physics and chemistry into your web pages.

You don't need separate editors for math, physics, and chemistry. The WordPress plugin is sufficient. Just installed and you're good to go.

A Tiny MCE plugin that makes writing latex equations easy and WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get). It converts latex code into an image that shows really nice latex equations in your post.

In the Pro version used here, in addition to Latex Code, MathML is also available.

The WordPress plugin adds an "fx" and a chemistry button in the TinyMCE editor, clicking on it opens the MathML editor or the Wiris editor, depending on the settings.

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