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Food on chic wheels! In New York and London they have been part of the cityscape for a long time, finally there are small, mobile labs with culinary delicacies from all over the world in Vienna. Street food is slow food on the street: regional, fresh and creative. In cozy places there are delicacies from tofu and mushroom curry to hamushka as well as homemade and excellent espresso. The food trucks themselves are also worth seeing, from retro Piaggio to self-made, colorful and funny. The StadtSpionin tasted her way and is presenting Vienna's most delicious street food here. Take the sausages to the next level!

Food trucks with a fixed stand in Vienna

Monica Kranner is a trained nutritionist and therefore knows how to cook healthy food for her customers - whether salads, soups or burgers. In spite of all odds, she managed to establish mobile kitchens as a “refreshing addition to the existing restaurant system” in Vienna. She chugs her Citroen onto the Freyung three times a week before lunchtime. Here she cooks her wow burgers exclusively with high-quality organic ingredients. A classic with bacon and cheese, or a little more extravagant with grilled truffled mozzarella and crunchy tomatoes. If you want, you can also get your burger with tenderly cooked pork. You can also choose from veggie burgers and burgers that also satisfy vegans. The freshness of the burger ingredients is a must for them, their whereabouts are always up-to-date on Facebook.
Hy-Kitchen, fixed stand in December 2015: MQ, 1070 Vienna, right next to the U2 exit at Mariahilfer Straße. Daily from 11:30 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. [Web]

NENI's Food Truck
Israeli street food at its best is now available in NENI's food truck. He moves into his mobile position on Friday and Saturday evenings with groovy beats and hot rhythms in the Volksgarten. Jewish cuisine has always been a fusion cuisine, where different tastes got their money's worth. The NENI kitchen by Haya Molcho shows in the TEL AVIV and at the Naschmarkt how the dishes of the Levantine Mediterranean cuisine taste. The food truck does not want to be inferior to this quality. Cooking takes place in the bright yellow converted Citroen, at the moment the following classics are on the menu: Hamshuka, hummus with minced meat and various falafel variations. The Jerusalem plate, known from the Naschmarkt, will also soon be served from the food truck.
NENI, fixed stand in the Volksgarten at the disco. [Web]

Gourmet nomads
Everything in one pot: The gourmet nomads have specialized in down-to-earth and exotic dishes, which are preferably cooked in a pan or in a pot. Every day they offer their freshly cooked stews, soups and curries at various locations in and around Vienna. Hungry people can already have a taste in the menus via Facebook. Head nomad Matthias Liptay is currently working on where the journey of the gourmet nomads should go in the future. He would like to keep the basic concept including vegan and vegetarian food. The demand for soups, curries, stews and stews is unbroken: where else can hungry people suddenly find Indian tofu and mushroom curry, Indian pea soup or a vegan Spanish vegetable stir-fry in the middle of the street.
Gourmet nomads, fixed stands e.g. in the courtyard of Ungargasse 37, at the Kutschkermarkt and at events in and around Vienna. [Web]

A speedy potato
Quinten Versluis always wanted to make people happy with food on wheels. And that apart from sausages & Co. Potatoes came to mind as an alternative to him and his partner Marietta Prisec. The potato kiln car was built in-house, a second is already in the planning stage. Because Qunintens and Marietta's baked potatoes hit like a culinary bomb. How good that potatoes are very figure-friendly. The two only use organic potatoes from the Weinviertel. Quinten worked on the sauces for a long time with a hobby cook friend. Ultimately, he relied on his own taste buds. At the moment, the honey-dill sauce is right at the top of the hit list of potato fans. The vegan Tsatsiki is also delicious for those who are not averse to the lust for meat.
A Speedy Potato, fixed stands in front of universities like VetMed, on the way to events in and around Vienna. [Web]

Crêpes surprise
Many, many years ago Elke Mitterdorfer got to know and love crepes as a student in Paris. Because there is a crepe stand on almost every corner ... Back in Vienna, she missed the wafer-thin pancakes so much that she recently built a mobile crepe kitchen herself and moved into a stand at the Kutschkermarkt. She now rolls her small, bright yellow car there every Saturday and bakes fantastic crepes à la carte on the corner behind the Getrudkirche, fresh from the hot cast iron plate. Sweet or savory, soft or crispy, all very thin and simply delicious!
Crêpes Surprise, fixed stand every Saturday at the Kutschkermarkt behind the Gertrudkirche, 1180 Vienna. [Web]

Splash of speedster
Everywhere where the splash of speedster appears, the dying of thirst know: They are saved. Lisa, Thomas and Bernhard's rolling pop-up bar has its fixed location on the Roma meadow on the old Danube. Otherwise nothing is fixed. The mobile Spritzer bar delights thirsty people while sunbathing as well as exhausted party tigers at trendy clubbing or at the Grätzelfest. In addition to classic splash drinks with wine, there are also Aperol and Hugo mixes. For loyal fans of barley juice, there is of course also beer. Everyone knows: a glass of beer is an isotonic drink after exercising. Where the Spritzer Flitzer provides first aid can be seen on its Facebook page.
Spritzer Flitzer, fixed stand on the Roma meadow on the old Danube, on the way to open-air events all over Vienna. [Web]

Wrap stars
Despite their youth, Matthias Kroisz and Marko Ertl are among those food truckers who have done pioneering work on four kitchen wheels. They came into being to bring healthy street food to the people as quickly as possible. The reason: they wanted to change their own unhealthy eating habits. Fortunately, David Weber was found to be the chef. He still knows how to roll the wrap philosophy of entrepreneurial students in dough with just a few basic ingredients. You fill your basic wraps with organic couscous, black organic beans and crunchy cabbage. Their homemade salsas and sauces provide that certain something. David only adds organic beef or pork to the three wraps at the customer's request. But you also have to shell out 1.50 euros more.
Wrapstars, fixed stands e.g. in the inner city, on the Freyung and in front of the universities, on the way to events all over Vienna. [Web]

Espresso mobile
The Espresso Mobile has been roaring the streets of Vienna for four years. What does one mean, there are now 11 traveling coffee bars on the road. The man who got the Espresso Mobile rolling is called Moritz Fleissinger. With his coffee philosophy, he wants to put a smile on people's faces between breakfast, meetings and everyday office life. You can choose from espresso, cappuccino, latte macciato and melange. On the one hand, the absolutely high-quality coffee beans, on the other hand, the baristas ensure that you enjoy drinking. They are highly trained and know how to prepare the respective coffee specialty with the espresso machine. The highlight of every cup, however, is its milk foam. This is fluffy, light and light and still tastes full-bodied and creamy.
Espressomobil, fixed stands all over the city, on the way to events all over Vienna. [Web]

Road crepe
“Catch me if you can” is Marc Schweiger's motto. That says it all: with his Piaggio Ape he brings crepes to the people that taste better than in France. The restaurateur and globetrotter Marc Schweiger bakes his crepes exclusively vegan, gluten- and lactose-free. He learned to cook at the Hotel Sacher and discovered his talent for sales while serving as a waiter. After a short excursion into the office world, he was drawn back to the kitchen. But this time in his own on three wheels. Here in Vienna he missed the original crepes taste. So what was more obvious to him than to prepare some himself? His crepes variations are sweet and salty, and he only uses organic, fresh ingredients for the dough and filling.
Road crepe, fixed stands e.g. in front of universities and at Meidlinger Markt, on the way to events in and around Vienna. [Web]

Mobile lab stations on the go at events in Vienna

Millie The Vintage Caravan
Caravan Millie, built in 1966, is not only cute from the outside. His mothers Edita Rosenrot and Isabella Schenz prepare juicy-sweet brownies, macarones, waffles and cake pops inside. But the most popular sweet specialties from Millies Mamas are their frozen yoghurts and waffles. These two delicacies are perfectly rounded off with homemade toppings, with the brownie topping currently being the most popular with those with a sweet tooth. Isabella Schenz has the right knack for cake pops anyway. Besides Millie, she bakes the right mini-cakes for every conceivable occasion, when she's not taking off as a “Lady in Red” for AUA. Edita Rosenrot also thinks that sleep is overrated. In addition to her preoccupation with Millie, she designs vintage headdresses for romantic brides. Of course, your bouquets are a perfect match.
Millie The Vintage Caravanen, no fixed stand, on the way to events all over Vienna. [Web]

Pizza Mobile
The pizza mobile is the sum of the passions of its inventor Thomas Khun: Italian pizzas, old cars and playing with fire. If you combine all of this into a vehicle and install an engine, then only a moving pizzeria can actually come out. Strong, indispensable partners are a Pinzgau built in 1974 and a Steyr truck built in 1963. Only they manage to transport firewood and the stone oven for pizza baking from event to event. Kuhn comes from the event sector, for him it was not unusual to massively change "normal" vehicles according to the wishes of his customers. His pizza partner is called Omar Shoukry, and together with the pizza bakers, he ensures that the pizzas from the pizza mobile actually taste like their Italian counterparts.
Pizza mobile, no fixed stand, on the way to events all over Austria. [Web]

Hildegard sausage
Hildegard Wurst's fiery red Piaggio Ape has arrived in the garage. Leonie Mayer-Rieckh and Matthias Hofer have parked their mobile hot dog station in a street food restaurant on Operngasse. Nothing has changed in the way they prepare their sausages for the hot dogs in American style. These are still gently warmed on a grooved hotplate rather than boiled to death in hot water. The hot dog offer of the week is also fixed. With Hildegard Wurst, the following hot dog supplements make the typical American taste: roasted onions, mustard, tomato relish, sauerkraut, hot chilli sauce or cheddar cheese.
Hildegard Wurst, no stand, on the way to events in Vienna. [Web]

Teddy‘s Food Truck
Teddy’s dad Florian Kandler used to work on cruise ships. Then he traveled across America in search of the perfect burger. He wanted to prepare this here in Austria, just as he had learned in Texas: juicy, freshly grilled meat in a classic burger bun. Tomatoes, cheese and cucumbers look forward to being accompanied. And as is customary in the USA: on four wheels, in an Airstream trailer. He found one of these in Germany and had it converted into a mobile kitchen. Only the requirements of the authorities thwarted his original plan. Heavy current for the hotplates in the middle of Vienna, and this unpleasant smell, well, certainly not with us! Now Teddy’s Food Truck is rolling all over Austria and delights the hungry at festivals and events.
Teddy‘s Food Truck, no fixed stand in Vienna, on the way to events all over Austria. [Web]

DONGDONG Fan / Moving Foodski
Architecture student Nora Sahr brought a Chinese cargo bike from China and used it as usual in China: for cooking. Sinologist Katharina Idam organized the cook: Weina Zhao, a hobby cook with Chinese roots who conjured up street food from the north Chinese street kitchen on her bike. The cold noodles quickly disappeared into the mouths of those waiting hungry. At the moment the cargo bike is a bit rare. The stork landed with Katharina Idam a year ago, with Nora Sahr it will soon be so far. Therefore, the two had to cancel many event invitations. Despite all the baby alarms, Katharina Idam would like to bring the dong-dong wheel to the boil again this summer. There are already plans for this, the icing on the cake this time will be Chinese desserts made from bean paste. Time, date and place will be announced.
Dongdong fan, no fixed stand [Web]


By Judith Jandrinitsch
(July 2015)