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Guide to falling in love: how to stop loving someone

Falling out of love is a painful process. Regardless of whether you have a little crush or are madly in love: It is difficult to delete someone from your life for whom you still have feelings. The thoughts are on autopilot and constantly revolve around this one person who we actually want (or should better) forget.

How to regain control and your crush or yours to let go of great love, we tell you in our Guide to falling in love.

How do you stop loving someone? 15 tricks to fall in love with

The man of your dreams is already taken, betrayed or abandoned you and you want to finally stop raving about him? Then you can do this 15 steps guaranteed to help:

1. Consciously stop thinking about him

Well, if it were that easyis going to be going through your head now. Granted, it isn't. But nobody said falling in love is a walk in the park either. So bite your way! Every time the man of your dreams appears in your mind's eye, grab this scrap of thought, tear it to pieces and throw it in the imaginary trash. What helps is to do something else. Here are a few suggestions:

2. Accept the facts

The fact is: the man is taken, cheated on you, or abandoned you. The fact is also: You will only make yourself miserable if you continue to hold on to him. You're reading this article because you want to stop raving about it. So start accepting the situation today rather than tomorrow. Bring the hard facts before your eyes and don't let your emotions blind you!

3. Take off your rose-colored glasses

When we have a crush on someone, we put that person on a pedestal. She can have pimples, smell sweat and say mean things - but we still love everything about her. But you want to let go of these people and not continue to idolize them, so take off your rose-colored glasses and be aware of what you see without a filter: A man who doesn't appreciate you. A guy who goes two ways. A guy who is not ready to fight for you. Does it really deserve to be allowed to nestle further in your head?

4. Write a pro-con list

Personally, I am an absolute one List junkie and write one about everything and everyone: It can help you too, one Pro-cons list put on. Start with the pro side: Why do you rave about this man? What's so great about him? Then do with the Negative points further: Why do you want to forget him? What qualities make you unhappy?

5. Keep a distance

This point is especially important if your crush or ex is still part of your clique. First, make sure you are at a distance and, if necessary, cancel an appointment. Avoid clashes even if they could only take place in the supermarket around the corner. Then shop elsewhere for a while.

6. Let it out

Important: Don't swallow your emotions and don't drown them in alcohol either. Sure, the process of falling in love can also include one or two bottles of wine. But in the long term you have to deal with your feelings: howl, scream, punch in the pillow or pedal while cycling. The main thing is that the emotions find a way out.

7. Be patient