What are the names of Jesus' children


The people who saw Jesus themselves did not make any drawings or pictures of him. So you don't know what he looked like. The Dutch painter Rembrandt painted this picture around 1,600 years later. His model or role model for this was a Jewish man.

Jesus was a man who lived about 2000 years ago, that is, in Roman times. He wandered through the area that is now part of Israel. He talked to people about God. Later his followers founded Christianity.

There are things about Jesus that one knows from history. The historians therefore speak of the "historical Jesus" or of "Jesus of Nazareth". But there are also many things that cannot be proven historically. They belong to the faith and the science of theology. There he is called "Jesus Christ". Christ means "the anointed". At that time, for example, a person was anointed king. So Jesus Christ means more than a "normal person".

How do you know about Jesus?

Most of all we know from the Bible. Your second part, the New Testament, begins with four stories about the life of Jesus. The narrators Matthew and Luke begin with his birth. The narrators Mark and John begin with the baptism of Jesus by John the Baptist.

By skillfully comparing these four narratives, theologians can find out what really happened and what people believed in addition. But there are also writers who themselves had nothing to do with Jesus. Above all, they report that Jesus was also called "Christ" and that he was crucified.

What do we know in the story about Jesus?

Jesus died on the cross. So many people who made a riot were executed.

The historical Jesus was born between the years seven and four before Christ. So our time calculation is not exactly right. His place of birth was probably Nazareth in the Galilee region. His mother was called Maria. He was raised like all Jews and learned to speak Aramaic like everyone else.

It is only certain again in his life that John the Baptist baptized him in the Jordan River. Jesus was then about thirty years old. He then roamed the country for about three years, preaching. Above all, he talked about God and his kingdom. He invited people to see God in his mind and not as in the Old Testament.

A group of people went with him. They are called "disciples" or "successors". There were women too. That was unusual for the time. This group was also joined by people who only stayed with him for a certain time or in a certain place.

At the age of 33, Jesus was condemned to death on the cross by Pontius Pilate. Pilate was the Roman official in charge of such matters. The Romans crucified many people. It was a cruel method because it could take a long time. Above all, runaway slaves or people who wanted to revolt were crucified. The aim was to warn and deter people. After his death, Jesus was buried.

What did some of the people believe about Jesus?

It is one of the most important things in the Christian faith that Jesus came to life again after his death.

Jesus is said to have been a special person from birth. Luke reports that Mary is the mother. An angel came to her and said that she would get pregnant, but not from her fiancé Joseph, but from the Holy Spirit. But Joseph was also a special man: Matthew reports that he is a direct descendant of King David. Many people therefore saw in him the Messiah, the coming Savior. The fact that the little Jesus baby was not killed by the Romans like all other babies of this time is already the second miracle.

At the age of twelve he was already preaching in the temple like an adult. When he was baptized, the Holy Spirit came down on him from heaven in the form of a dove. A voice from heaven said: "You are my beloved son". It was clear to the people that God the Father was speaking here.

The Bible also reports miracles that Jesus himself performed: He healed sick people and even raised the dead to life. His disciples were able to feed a few thousand people with just a few loaves of bread and fish. At a wedding he turned water into wine because it had run out.

Most astonishing is what happened after his death. He was removed from the cross and placed in a tomb like most people. But on the third day he came back to life. This is called "resurrection". He even rolled away the large stone in front of the grave cave. Later he shows himself to several people. His disciple Thomas even stuck a finger through the hole that Jesus had in his hand from the crucifixion. After a few weeks he spoke to his disciples again. Then he was lifted up to heaven. Markus reports that from then on he sat there next to his father. After this event, Jesus was no longer seen on earth.

What remained was the belief that Jesus had atoned for all human transgressions on the cross. So whoever believed in him could come to him in heaven after death. So people looked forward to their own resurrection. According to the narrator John, Jesus said: “God loved the world so much that he gave his only Son, that all who believe in him should not perish but have eternal life”.

What did Jesus' family look like?

Jesus with his mother Mary and Joseph on a church window. It is not certain whether Jesus had real brothers and sisters.

The mother of Jesus was called Mary. That was a common name back then. Her parents may have been Anna and Joachim, but that is not certain. Jesus was their first child. The Koran also reports that Jesus was not created through sex with Joseph, but that she was a virgin.

Joseph was the father of Jesus according to the law. He was a carpenter by profession or otherwise worked on construction sites. He took care of Mary and Jesus. The Bible says nothing more about him.

There are also different views within the Church as to whether Jesus had brothers and sisters. The narrator Mark lists four brothers of Jesus and several sisters. In the Greek text, the word “siblings” can also be understood as cousins. Some scholars also believe that they are children that Joseph had previously with another wife.

The Catholic and Orthodox Churches believe that Mary remained a virgin until the end of her life. So she would not have had sex or any more children. The Reformation put an end to this and recognized that Jesus had brothers and sisters.

How did Christianity come about?

On the Via Dolorosa in Jerusalem, the street of pain. Allegedly, Jesus had to use this very street. it led to the place where he was executed. He was already carrying the cross that the Romans nailed him to.

The Bible tells how sad Jesus' friends were over his death. But then word got around that three days after his death Jesus came back to life and that some had spoken to him. This news spread very quickly. More and more people believed that Jesus was brought back to life by God.

Jesus himself was a Jew. Even those who believed that he was the Messiah and had been awakened by death were initially of Jewish faith. The apostle Paul in particular advocated that those who were not Jews before may also belong to the community of Jesus followers. Over time, a new religion emerged, Christianity. The word "Christ" comes from the Greek and means: the anointed. So it is the translation of the word Messiah. One was anointed with a holy oil when one became king. Because Christians consider Jesus a Savior and the descendant of King David, they call him Jesus Christ.

  • Nobody knows what Jesus looked like. Here Jesus is shown as a good shepherd who takes care of his sheep. The sheep actually mean the believers.

  • Image from Rome, almost 400 years after Christ

  • The painting: "Jesus found again in the temple". There he is said to have participated in the discussion at the age of 12.

  • The painting for the “Sermon on the Mount”: Jesus speaks to his followers.

  • The resurrection of Jesus Christ as Matthias Grünewald imagined it