Can Facebook automatically post on Instagram

Post on Instagram and Facebook at the same time - this is how it works

If you want to inspire your friends and followers with your content on both Instagram and Facebook, the accounts of both networks can be linked. So you can post pictures on Instagram and Facebook at the same time.

If you connect your accounts, you will save yourself a lot of time with one setting. We explain to you how to proceed on your Android mobile phone and iPhone if you want to share pictures on Instagram and Facebook at the same time.

Share Instagram photos on Facebook

First, make sure that the Instagram and Facebook apps are up to date on your phone. Then proceed as follows:

  1. Open the Instagram app.
  2. Tap your profile pic in the lower corner.
  3. Then press the three barsto open the settings menu.
  4. You can reach them via the gear Settings.
  5. Select the area account out.
  6. Open the options for Linked accounts.
  7. Connect your Facebook account to the Instagram app here.
  8. Tap the entry for Facebook.
  9. Activate the desired settings here as required. Stories and posts from Instagram can also be shared directly via Facebook.

For your next post, make sure that the setting for Facebook is activated so that your picture appears there.

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Post to Instagram and Facebook at the same time

In this way, Instagram posts can not only be automatically published on the Facebook profile, but also on Twitter or Tumblr.

If you want to break the connection between Facebook and Instagram, simply proceed as described above. The link only works on one side. So there is no setting that allows photos uploaded to Facebook to be published on your Instagram account at the same time. Pictures from your Facebook profile can only be shared privately as a direct message on Instagram, but not published in your feed.

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