What is this stone about

The stone is gone: what is Easter about?

Since February 3rd, 55 children from many cultures and of all ages have been practicing for a musical in the Aarau Salvation Army.

The musical during the ski vacation now follows a tradition and is free, which allows access for all shifts.

This has been carried out by the Aarau Salvation Army for years. "We are very satisfied with the week," reports officer Lukas Wittwer. He and his wife have been in Aarau for ten years and have been directing the musical for nine years. The offer is free and is also aimed at those who may not have the opportunity to go skiing during their holidays.

In the dining room you can see children from all cultures and ages. "We would also like to pursue an integrative assignment," says Wittwer.

De Stei is gone!
This year the play is about the Easter story. It's a little simpler than last year, which is especially good for the children. According to Lukas Wittwer, it is not just about giving the children a holiday camp. "You should also understand what the piece is actually about."

This year the line-up of a live band celebrates its premiere. It consists of several adults and children. She especially puts the musical troupe to the test. Singing to playback is one thing, playing live music is another. A camp for the not every family can afford a ski vacation, or one or both parents may have to work during the vacation.

There is an offer especially for such cases. It's free. There is a collection at the performances; it finances around half of the budget of around 4,500 francs. In addition, the children go home every evening. So the parents also have something from their kids. The Salvation Army takes on the difference.

Performances: Salvation Army Aarau Arche, Asylstrasse 34, 5001 Aarau, February 7th, 7pm, February 8th, 5.30pm

Source: Aargauer Nachrichten (February 6th, 2020)

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