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Minecraft: Players recreate Gulag & Minecraft skin from CoD Warzone

The gulag from CoD: Warzone is now also available as a fan creation in Minecraft.

Update from June 29, 2020, 8:15 a.m .: After we had already explained the Minecraft Gulag to you last week based on Warzone from the player leonejedi, another Call of Duty fan is now delivering: TerminantOnReddit presented a specially designed Minecraft skin, which is almost like Captain Price from Modern Warfare could be confused - if it weren't for all the pixels.

On Reddit, he presented his Call of Duty skin for Minecraft, which he made available to other fans for free download. TerminantOnReddit used this as a template Captain Price's Nightfall outfit, which was modeled in fairly detail: So you can now also put your Minecraft hero in green-colored camouflage clothing, bury him under ammunition bags and put a night vision on him:

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Original message: Minecraft player leonejedi obviously can't get enough of CoD: Warzone. In the building game Minecraft, the Call of Duty fan recreated the Gulag from the Battle Royale spin-off from Modern Warfare - and added a charming little trick to his work.

Respawn in Minecraft gulag

For his Minecraft gulag, he adapted the respawn mechanics: Every time leonejedi dies in the game, he respawns in the prison he has composed himself. Regardless of whether he is the victim of an angry mob or an ender kite - or has just accidentally dug himself into a lava chamber.

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So of course he is playing on them to date unique battle royale mechanics From Call of Duty: Warzone on: As soon as a player falls in the in-game battle, he gets a second chance, and with a little luck maybe still wins: In the 1v1 match of the Gulag, the resulting winner can enter the re-enter the current match.

Of course, matches with other players would be missing in Minecraft in order to be able to leave the gulag again. But even without this aspect, a nice implementation of a feature in Minecraft that sets Call of Duty: Warzone apart from other Battle Royale representatives.

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A Reddit user asks leonejedi whether he is a bit masochistic when he needs so much gulag in his life: The gulag belongs - in addition to the desperate attempts to open locked bunting doors or simply emerge victorious from the battle royale - to the perhaps the most nerve-wracking features of Warzone.

After all, the gulag fights get a very personal character due to their limitation to two players per battle, while it is about getting back into the current match.

What's new in Minecraft

Update 1.16 for Minecraft was only recently released, which brings with it some relevant game changes: For example, diamond is being replaced as the hardest material in Minecraft, while there are also new biomes and monsters. We have already summarized the most important changes for Minecraft with update 1.16 for you.

And of course, the players themselves do not remain idle: For example, modders have tinkered PCs in Minecraft that run real video games. The maps from the multiplayer shooter Rainbow Six: Siege are now also available in Minecraft thanks to fans.

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