What makes your wife the perfect woman

Become a perfect woman

Improve your posture.Make sure you always sit with your back straight. When standing, you should straighten your chin, push your shoulders back and down, sit up straight, and make sure that your toes and heels are in line. Your spine should take on a natural S shape.[20]If this posture feels painful, it could be that you are putting too much strain on yourself or that you have general back problems. In this case, the best thing to do is to pay a visit to your family doctor.[21]When you need to pick something off the floor, you should kneel down, not just reach down with your arms. This is an effective way of preventing back injuries.[22]Do stretching exercises regularly if you have the impression that your muscles are always tense and that it is therefore not possible to maintain good posture.
  • It is best to look at yourself in the mirror when you are practicing correct posture. As soon as you can visually recognize that you are sitting or standing in the right position, you can analyze how your body actually feels so that you can orient yourself to this feeling when you are not near a mirror.
  • The way you act in public says a lot about how you view yourself and the other people around you.[23]
  • Good posture can also help improve or maintain your overall health and prevent physical fatigue.[24]