Should I get married in my early 20s

Marry young : What yes-men

In love, engaged - and soon to be married. This is teen star Miley Cyrus, if you believe the tabloid reports. The 19-year-old former "Hannah Montana" star and her 22-year-old boyfriend Liam Hemsworth aren't the only celebrity couple who want to say yes early on. Ashlee and Jessica Simpson, Reese Witherspoon and Hilary Duff also did it when they were in their early 20s. Britney Spears twice. Her short 55-hour marriage with her childhood sweetheart Jason Alexander was followed by a wedding with dancer Kevin Federline a short time later. That was long ago. The two are no longer together today.

Getting married at the beginning of 20: irresponsible, thoughtless - way too early? Perhaps the dominant image is that a young marriage means losing one's freedom too early. Gone are the days to try yourself. But binding yourself forever at a young age isn't just a Hollywood phenomenon. In Germany, too, a fulfilling partnership is still one of the most important goals in life for young people. Two years ago, a study by the Federal Center for Health Education (BZgA) also revealed that most young people want stable relationships. Some of them then marry young. Like Sabrina and Dominik Hofmann.

Get to know each other, then make out. That's what the two of them thought when they realized they liked each other. Sabrina was then 16 and Dominik 15 years old. They wanted to check whether there was more than just friendship, to be sure that the other person was really serious. That's why they were more careful than others their age, talked a lot on the phone and met to talk. After a year it was clear that they wanted to become a couple. They married five years later. That was in 2005.

She still builds confidence that their marriage will last forever. “Even if you don't know what's coming,” says Dominik. It's been seven years since the two celebrated their wedding with 300 guests. At that time they already knew how they wanted to be - as a married couple. Anything but domestic. And not in the way that their parents' generation often set an example for them. “That we are married does not mean the end of our youth. We see freedom in making decisions together, ”says Dominik. Sabrina thinks: "We have the chance to make our marriage the coolest in the world."

So the two of them went to New York for eight months in 2008: to try out how they want to live their lives, to work, to blog. Dominik believes that without Sabrina he would have become much more comfortable. “The good ideas come from her. She is also responsible for the 'when' questions, ”says the 27-year-old. And Sabrina can still remember exactly when Dominik first stayed with her: on January 22nd, 2000. “Nothing happened back then. We talked for nine hours, ”says Dominik. They both waited until marriage to have sex out of conviction. Just like with the contract. “We wanted the physical relationship and the couple relationship to be balanced. And because I can't physically give more than sex, I only wanted to have it when I'm ready to give everything in the relationship, ”says Dominik.

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