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Against boredom: These are the 10 best novels

What to do with the time that we currently cannot spend with friends, in the gym or going to the cinema because of the corona virus? In our series “Against Boredom” we present you with regular ideas during the Corona crisis. To make your time at home easier, we've put together the ten best novels on Amazon for you.

Our ranking is based on the best novels on Amazon from April 23, 2020.

1. 1984

Author: George Orwell
Published: June 1, 1994

“Freedom means the freedom to say that two and two is four. If this is the case, everything else will follow by itself. The classic about an almighty surveillance state is and remains oppressively topical: In 1984, George Orwell created one of the most influential books of the 20th century. "

2. The lion is roaring

Author: Tommy Jaud
Published: April 30, 2019

“No man can escape his problems - at least not with his mother. Things are not going well for Nico Schnös, 47, the overwhelmed controller with the broken glasses. Why has his mother been telling him every day since his father's death what she cooks and how she cleans? What exactly is Nico's wife doing in this strange cuddling nectar, and why is even the robot vacuum escaping from him in the open-plan office? When he throws a coffee cup at the CFO in a fit of anger, his boss sends him on compulsory leave: Either Nico comes back relaxed, or he loses his job. "

3. What you can see from here

Author: Mariana Leky
Published: 19th August 2019

“Selma, an old woman from the Westerwald, can foresee death. Whenever an okapi appears to you in a dream, someone dies in the village the next day. However, it is unclear who it will hit. In her novel, Mariana Leky tells about what the residents fear in the following hours, what they blindly dare to confess or let disappear.
›What you can see from here‹ is a portrait of a village in which everything is miraculously connected. But it is above all a book about love under special auspices, love that always seems to choose the most unfavorable conditions. "

4. A problem for every solution

Author: Kerstin Greed
Published: May 13, 2016

“What if your family, friends and acquaintances knew what you really think of them… Gerri writes farewell letters to everyone she knows, and she's not exactly squeamish about the truth. Unfortunately, it doesn't work out with the sleeping pills and the vodka - and Gerri's life becomes really exciting from one day to the next. Because it is not easy to get along with other people when they know what you really think of them! "

5. Stop being lucky

Author: Helena Baum
Published: 17th August 2019

"Dr. David Tenner, 58, a renowned psychotherapist, is above the zenith on all levels. Professionally, privately, energetically. The air is out. He rarely sees his wife, Kathy, in their life together. When she is at home, her white headphones send him the unmistakable message: Leave me alone !? Emily and Cooper, on the other hand, are young, full of zest for life and full of energy. The zenith is not even in sight. Everything is possible. Everything is solvable. Life takes place between surfing, VW bus, job and love.? "

6. Eberhofer, Zefix !: Stories from Franzl

Author: Rita Falk
Published: September 21, 2018

“Weird, hilarious and heartbreaking stories from Franzl: Stunk with Susi, a stupid murder case in the Ruhr area, a weekend in Austria with Simmerl, Flötzinger and at least 17 bottles of raspberry spirit. Also: How Franz once lost his heart to a four-legged being ... And on top of that there is a Bavarian-High German glossary, helpful commented by Eberhofer personally. So that "Mia san hia" can also be understood in the last corners of the republic. Right."

7. When it's hot, at least it's not cold

Author: Dora Heldt
Published: 19th February 2016

“Is there anything worse than having to celebrate your 50th birthday in a bourgeois restaurant with your family, including your husband's business colleagues and neighbors? Doris (49) is looking for her salvation in flight: She would rather face the dreaded date with her former school friends Katja and Anke - with a wellness weekend on the Baltic Sea, with all the trimmings. In the past, when they were at school, the three had high expectations of life. But who likes to admit that everything didn't go according to plan? But even the best hot stone massage cannot prevent the big bang ... "

8. Grandma, the night cream is for 30-year-olds !: The incredible stories of a 107-year-old

Author: Anja Frieda Fritzsche
Published: 1st December 2017

“Grandma Maria is a phenomenon! When she was born, Kaiser Wilhelm II was still in office and dignity. She experienced two world wars, a moon landing and countless technical achievements. Today, the 107-year-old is having fun surfing the Internet with the help of her granddaughter Anja. Together they inspire their fans with their own page on Facebook, with funny sayings from Grandma Maria ("Put on a smile - against the wrinkles!") And charming wisdom ("Always go forward - never stand still!"). Now granddaughter Anja and grandma Maria have written down their unforgettable experiences in a wonderful book - a stunning testimony full of joie de vivre, esprit and humor. "

9. Save Me

Author: Mona box
Published: February 23, 2018

“Money, glamor, luxury, power - Ruby Bell couldn't care less about all of these. Since she received a scholarship to the renowned Maxton Hall College, she has tried one thing first and foremost: to attract as little attention as possible to her classmates. Above all, she stays away from James Beaufort, the secret leader of the college. He's too arrogant, too rich, too attractive. While Ruby's biggest dream is to study at Oxford, it just seems to be living for the next party. But then Ruby discovers something no one else knows - something that would ruin the reputation of James' family if it were leaked. Suddenly James knows exactly who she is. And although she never wanted to be part of his world, James - and her heart - soon left her no other choice ... "

10. Where to find each other

Author: Nicholas Sparks
Published: February 10, 2020

“36-year-old Hope is in a deep personal crisis. In the family's idyllic beach house, she hopes to get her life under control again. But then she meets the likable adventurer Tru, who messes everything up. For both of them it is love at first sight, they spend wonderful romantic days together. But both of them also feel the pressures of family obligations that stand in the way of their relationship. And so Hope and Tru threaten to lose each other before they have even found each other properly ... "

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