What is bread dough

What is bread dough preshaping?

Preshaping stands for pre-shaping the bread dough. This happens after the dough has gone through its fermentation time, punched out and folded. This makes the molded dough pieces uniform in shape. To do this, round the dough into a tight package. You either preform it into a round ball or a round cylinder. This gives the bread dough a better structure, becomes more even and it rises better. You can use dough that you preform into a ball to bake traditional breads and rolls. Cylindrical pre-shaped doughs are good for long and thin baguettes as well as for braided bread. Preshaping baguette would be a loose pre-shaping of a piece of dough into a tree trunk. This creates the shape of a baguette. Preshaping boule stands for round. You shape the dough piece into a round ball.

Good tips for optimal preforming

If your divided dough feels loose, you can preform it more firmly to give it the necessary firmness and stability. If the dough is very weak, for example due to mixing, you can repeat the preforming. This will give the dough more structure before you shape it. Before that it will rest for a while. This makes the final shape easier and gives it more strength. If you were to shape the dough immediately after processing it, it would be too tight for it to tear. So give it time to "rest", relax, and spread out.

I prefer to preshape my dough with the dough menu: