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Headsets, keyboards, mice and mouse pads: ideal gaming peripherals for gaming

65 mouse pads, 67 mice, 72 headsets and no less than 78 keyboards: In our shop alone, the selection of gaming peripherals is diverse and hardly manageable for beginners. But what do you have to look out for in a gaming mouse and what is the difference between a keyboard for 20 euros and a keyboard for 200 euros? Our compact advisor for gaming peripherals provides information.

The old mouse pad is dissolving, the suspension of your mouse wheel has broken or you want to switch from a normal rubber dome keyboard to a mechanical keyboard: There are many reasons for gamers to look for new gaming gear. The market is huge and therefore the range on offer is very complex and confusing. What do you need and what not, does it really have to be a mouse for 90 € and do gaming headsets actually make sense, or do studio headphones with a separately attached microphone also work?

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As always, you should know exactly what you really want. Not everyone needs 16,000 dpi, play of colors in every nook and cranny, or loads of extra buttons. You can save a lot of money here, but you don't have to do without good core properties. Of course, good experiences with certain brands, the processing quality, the space on your desk or the area of ​​application also play a role.

Gaming mice

When it comes to gaming mice, you should focus on the following six features.

1. Form

This means that it is best to put your hand on the mouse to make sure that the shape and size of the mouse fits your hand well. Of course, you should also make sure that the mouse is suitable for right or left-handers (or both). Razer in particular has many symmetrical models that can be used universally.

Users also handle mice differently. A distinction is made here between Claw Grip, Finger Grip and Palm Grip. With the Palm Grip, the hand is almost completely on the mouse. If you prefer this grip, you should look around for the largest possible mouse.

2. Precision

In terms of scanning accuracy (dpi), it is also pleasant if this can be changed quickly and easily using a button on the mouse. It can be doubted, however, whether very high values ​​such as 16,000 dpi in surface scanning really noticeably improve handling. This is a lot about marketing nonsense and imaginary "length comparisons", because even with the legendary Logitech MX518 with only 1,800 dpi, first-person shooters can be played very well.

For the sensor, I would prefer laser mice to optical rodents because the laser works well on many different surfaces. Of course, the mouse should also have good gliding abilities.

3. Processing

Much more important than precision is the quality of workmanship and thus the service life. In other words: Does the mouse feel like a wobbly plastic bomber or is it solid on the mouse pad? A common weak point can be break-prone mouse wheels and soft-touch surfaces that quickly become greasy.

4. Features

When it comes to features, manufacturers tend to overdo it. For example, you should decide for yourself whether you need specially programmable gaming keys, 16.8 million RGB colors and individual adjustment options such as weights or flexible hand rests. A lot of it is a nice gimmick, but once you've used it, it usually stays in one setting for the rest of the mouse's life.

5. wired or wireless

For a long time I tended to use wired mice as a gamer because I haven't had such good experiences with wireless mice until now. In the meantime, there are of course also recommended models in which a cable can be plugged in as an option. Manufacturers now also offer very good ecosystems consisting of wireless mice and mouse pads. The highlight? The mouse is automatically charged wirelessly while gaming.

There are recommended solutions, for example. from Logitech and Razer. The disadvantage of wireless freedom is the price, as the mice and mouse pads are still very expensive.

6. Weight

Opinions often differ when it comes to weight. While some gamers like it particularly heavy and large, for others the mouse should be as light as possible. Manufacturers have been falling short in terms of weight lately and are offering ever lighter specimens, for example by using special honeycomb patterns and saving superfluous material.

Gaming mousepads

When it comes to mouse pads, there are actually only three properties that count.

1. size

Depending on the sensitivity with which you are in games, the size of the mouse pad naturally also plays a decisive role. Professional players like to swipe 30 cm across the mouse pad to perform a quick turn. Here you are of course also dependent on the size of your desk.

2. Surface finish

Of course, the texture of the surface is also very important: Does the mouse slide quietly and cleanly on the material or does it have a scratchy and slowing effect? Here it makes sense to try out different surfaces.

3. Quality

Cheap mouse pads usually dissolve in the air after a relatively short time or the seams or fabric surfaces separate from the surface and roll up on the sides. Some mouse pads also use washable surfaces. This is very practical, as mouse pads become strongholds for dirt and grime after a while.

Even if many will call me crazy, I have not regretted the investment of 40 € for my Roccat Hiro so far. The mouse pad has been on my desk for five years and has endured many hours of gaming. Cheap mousepads gave up the ghost here much earlier. However, I do not want to deny that reasonable mouse pads are also available in the range around 15 to 20 €.

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Gaming keyboards

The following properties play an important role in keyboards

1. Quality

When it comes to the keyboard, quality naturally plays a major role. Here, the differences in quality usually only become apparent after a while in the form of worn paintwork and the like.

2. Features

You can do without bells and whistles such as built-in displays and the like, but multimedia buttons or volume controls for music and videos are much more practical. Additional programmable keys can be useful, but with new keyboard layouts you will often catch yourself initially pressing a G key instead of Esc. In any case, I haven't individually programmed the 18 G-keys on my Logitech G510 to this day.

As always, opinions differ when it comes to lighting. I find illuminated keys useful in a normally dark gaming atmosphere, but I don't necessarily need rainbow effects and hype lighting.

3. Rubber dome or mechanical

Mechanical keyboards in particular have found their way into the gaming world in recent years. These should convince with a more even typing experience, a more robust workmanship and thus a longer service life. Many gamers who have switched from a normal rubber dome to a mechanical keyboard swear by the crisper, but also louder keystroke. In practice, however, there are no real advantages in terms of precision. Compared to the old buttons, mechanical keyboards are often not as extensively equipped with multimedia keys, USB hubs or volume controls and are a bit more expensive.

4. wired or wireless

If you also want to use the keyboard on the couch, a detachable cable is also useful here. If you like understatement, you can also easily use simpler multimedia keyboards.


Gaming headsets

Of course, relaxed gaming also requires the right headset. In addition to a good voice quality of the microphone when communicating via Teamspeak, Discord, Ventrilo or Mumble with your gaming friends (or insulting each other with the help of the in-game voice function at CS: GO), you naturally want to be right in the middle of it sound-wise instead of just being there. When it comes to sound, recommendations are difficult because the perception is often very subjective. Here, as with loudspeakers, it is essential to listen to a test.

Of course, the wearing comfort of a headset is also important. I find large and closed auricles more comfortable than small ones that press on the ear after a short time. With the ear cups closed, in contrast to half-open or open headphones, you can concentrate better on the game, as ambient noise is barely noticeable. In addition, of course, there are also requirements in the form of a comfortable weight and sensible upholstery.

What else is important? Surprise, the quality should be right. A lot of plastic is light and more comfortable to wear, but it often does not speak for the good workmanship of a headset. Cable breaks and the like can be the result here. With modular headsets that wouldn't be that bad, because you can then partially reorder the individual parts. Headsets with a remote control that you can use to mute the microphone are also practical. Some gaming headsets also do this automatically when you fold up the microphone boom.

If you travel a lot with the headset in your apartment, a wireless and rechargeable headset can also be useful. However, due to the built-in batteries, these are heavier than comparable headsets. Unfortunately, I cannot judge to what extent special noise canceling microphones are actually better.

By the way, my last gaming headset is not a gaming headset at all. Since many "marketing features" such as 7.1, THX or special sound engines do not fundamentally provide a noticeable advantage, some gamers sometimes find sensible studio headphones with a separate microphone to be a better solution. For example, I am using the half-open Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro in conjunction with an inexpensive clip-on microphone.

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