What does Islam say about prehistoric dinosaurs

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The ultimate dinosaur book with fascinating pictures!
T-Rex, Mammut & Co .: This dinosaur lexicon from DK's successful series "Knowledge for Clever Kids" takes children on an exciting journey into prehistoric times. Over 400 dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals are impressively presented - with over 1,500 images, graphics, information boxes, timelines, size comparisons, panorama pages and exclusive photos of the world's best preserved fossils. A great reference work on your favorite topic based on the latest research - thanks to the numerous pictures, it is wonderfully suitable for browsing! Portrait of prehistoric beings - the unique dinosaur book:
_Illustrations with size comparison between humans and animals.
_Exciting facts about size, habitat and fossil location.
_Timelines with clear allocation of the respective epoch.
_ Loosening up information pages on various topics, such as important fossil hunters.
_Rubric "Living relatives" - compares extinct species with species still alive today.
_Panoramic pages that highlight similarities and differences between several types of a family.
_Spectacular, large-format photos and images - focus on the extraordinary. _Now look up all the information and gather a lot of knowledge with this great dinosaur book. Juhu, the dinosaurs are on the loose again! This book is available at Antolin.de.
ISBN / GTIN978-3-8310-3677-6
Country of publication Germany
Release date 01/28/2019
IllustrationsWith over 1500 color photos and illustrations