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Get more website traffic with these 18 unusual strategies

Do you need more traffic for your website?

I know that.

I also fought for more traffic for my own website for years. The visitors just didn't want to read my articles. I could do what I wanted there.

But those times are long gone. I kept writing new articles and promoting my content, and this way I was able to increase my traffic.

Today is one of the best marketing websites on the internet.

What's my secret to getting more traffic?

There are many strategies for increasing online traffic, but it's a good idea to try something new.

Here are 18 unusual strategies you can use to get more traffic to your website.

1. Create a resource page

We humans love compliments.

If you want to get more traffic, you can create a landing page that introduces the people and companies you admire.

There are different approaches for this:

  • Acknowledgments page: List the people and companies who inspired you on your journey to become an entrepreneur.
  • Useful Resources Page: List the best sites on the Internet that have valuable information and include a brief description.
  • Favorite products page: You can list pictures with a brief description of your favorite products. Make sure to emphasize why these products are among your favorites.

A great example of such a site is Pat Flynn's resource site. He names the software products he uses himself and even provides affiliate links.

In this way, he not only gains new traffic, but also earns a commission. He kills two birds with one stone.

When the page is ready, you'll need to share it with the people and companies mentioned on the page.

You can write a tweet and tag the relevant company. But you can't use the same tweet for every company. Your posts should be personalized.

Here is an example:

Hello NAME! I found your page on the TOPIC really great. I just wanted to let you know quickly that I added it to my resources page: LINK

People like to share posts that make them look good. If you write a good article on the topic of resources, you can tap some of the traffic from the influencers mentioned in the article.

Influencer marketing is a good strategy that you should definitely make use of. According to TapInfluence, influencer marketing can generate an 11 times better ROI than other digital media.

2. Publish contributions on Medium

If you haven't published anything on Medium yet, you're missing out on something.

The site has over 60 million readers each month and most of those readers have never heard of your website.

But you don't have to write new articles. You can easily republish old content and get new readers.

There are people who think that Google can punish you for doing this.

That used to be the case. In the past, people were punished for duplicating content.

The positioning in the SERPs had to suffer as a result.

But now Google has a tool with which you can publish the same content on different pages at the same time without being penalized.

This is now possible with a canonical URL. This URL tells the search engine that the content has been syndicated. Medium automatically uses canonical URLs.

In order to publish an article, one must first set up an account on Medium. You can set up a new account or log in with an existing account.

Link your Twitter account.

Then click on your avatar and select “Stories”.

Click on “Import a story”.

Paste the URL of the article you want to publish and click “Import”.

On the next page you can then click on “See your story”.

It then takes a few minutes. Medium imports your article and you can then double-check that it is correct.

Then you can publish the article. Add a few tags, choose an image and hit “Publish”.

That was it!

For the best results with Medium, your articles should have lots of internal references to your own website. When readers click on one of these links, your website traffic increases.

The more people read and recommend your article on Medium, the better it will be advertised on Medium.

3. Offer bonus content when people share your content

If you have a great resource on the topic of your article, you should use it to grow your traffic.

You can offer bonus content for download. Make it very clear to readers that they will only get this content if they share your articles with their friends.

The landing page for this bonus content needs to be good and compelling. You need to write great copy to convince readers to share your content.

If the user has shared the content, you need to provide them with a download link.

You can use the Pay With A Tweet program to make use of this strategy.

The great thing about this strategy is that your content is introduced to hundreds or even thousands of new readers with every new download.

With every new social share, your traffic also increases.

And if your content is really great, readers will continue to diligently share it even after the download.

4. Use QR codes

If you've never used a QR code, you should do so now!

The first thing you will find is a popular article on your website. Copy the URL of the article and paste it into the QR code generator.

Click on “Create QR Code”.

The code itself doesn't look that interesting. You have to write interesting text to convince users to click.

Here are a few strategies you can use:

  • Paradoxical intervention. Let people know that the content is distracting, life changing, or impossible to forget.
  • Highlight advantages. Explain why and how the content is beneficial to the reader. But don't give too much away. The user just wanted to be made curious!
  • Be mysterious. Write an intriguing and vaguely worded headline that just can't be ignored. Indicate something mysterious without providing specific information.

You can then have the QR code printed on marketing materials such as: B. T-shirts, posters, flyers or billboards and billboards.

Smartphone users are immediately curious when they see the code. When someone scans the code, they immediately land on the appropriate page.

If you refer to a landing page or product page, you can even get leads and generate sales!

5. Use StumbleUpon

The social bookmarking site, StumbleUpon, has been around for a long time. It is still very successful

Users can find new websites on StumbleUpon by clicking the app's Stumble button.

The content on StumbleUpon does not usually become a viral sensation, instead it ensures steady traffic years later.

First, create an account on StumbleUpon and submit your best articles.

Short, unique, and visual content works best. Most importantly, you should submit funny articles that evoke emotions and list articles.

It then takes a few weeks before the first results can be seen. All you have to do is be patient and it will pay off.

The StumbleUpon algorithm rewards new, popular content. Users can leave upvotes, then your content will be presented to a larger audience and you will get even more upvotes.

This in turn leads to even more traffic on your website.

6. Exchange advertisements with other websites

If you already have a regular audience, you can use that to partner with another website that is also looking to get more traffic.

The first thing you need to do is find a website that caters to a similar niche. Both niches must complement each other, but the other website must not be a competitor.

It's best to find websites that serve similar industries. Complementary products and services are usually very suitable.

If you have an indoor plant care guide, you could look for a company that sells handmade flower pots.

In order to be able to contact this company, you have to find the right contact person. You can do a specific search query on Google. Enter “contact site:” and the URL.

Then find the contact information or a form on the website in the search results. You can then make an offer to the owner of the business.

For example, each places a banner or an ad from the other company on their own website. You should set a specific amount of time.

(Ideally three months. You can extend the offer later.)

If the company agrees, you need to create a good ad. Put the other company's advertisement in your sidebar.

Because the users who click on this ad are already existing readers, you won't lose any traffic yourself.

And because the other company has also placed an ad that links to your website, you gain new traffic and new readers.

7. Find experts contributing content to a roundup post

If you want to get influencers excited about your website, you should create an expert roundup post.

First, prepare a list of 20 industry experts that you want to contact.

Then send them an email letting them know you'd like to mention them in a roundup post. Ask them for feedback, which you can incorporate into the article.

When you've got enough feedback, you're ready to write your article. You should also provide a photo and a brief bio of each expert and link them to their website.

If you don't get any feedback, you can find quotes on Twitter or in the articles written by the experts themselves.

This is how Guest Crew created this roundup with a quote from me.

Then, when the article is published, you can send the experts a quick email to let them know about the article.

You should also share the article on social media. The influencers mentioned can be marked in the post.

You can tag as many people as you want on Google+. Facebook allows 50 and Instagram only 30 tags. On Twitter, you have to stick to the character limit.

You should spread the post over several days so that you can tag all people on all platforms.

Many experts then share your contribution with their fans.

The results that can be achieved with such a Roundup Post cannot be surpassed. They bring great traffic to your website!

8. Write an answer in the form of an article

There is nothing like the good old account verse to really get a conversation going.

Find a post from a well-known influencer. It has to be a post whose perspective, strategy, or method you disagree with. You have to follow the thought leaders in your industry to stay up to date.

When you have found a suitable article, you have to write a detailed post yourself by making it very clear why you disagree.

Be polite, but don't hold back with your words. Explain as well and precisely as possible why the influencer is wrong and you are right.

Such an answer article must be written as soon as possible after the original article has been published. You should publish your answer within a week.

You can then write an email to the influencer. Mention that you disagree with his opinion and refer to your article.

Sometimes the influencer then writes an answer himself and in this answer he then refers to your article.

Derek Halpern published such an article and contradicted the most famous bloggers by questioning the “Content is King”.

He received hundreds of comments for this article.

This is good for SEO because you collect high quality backlinks.

More importantly, the influencer's audience will read your article to understand why you are contradicting a well-tried technique. This is how you gain more traffic.

9. Use Quora

People ask a lot of questions, and you can answer those questions.

Quora works in a similar way to Yahoo Clever, but Quora mainly provides more detailed answers from verified authors.

The first thing you need to do is set up an account on Quora. Then you can search the questions on the platform to find related content.

Take a look at the current or most popular questions and the answers submitted.

When you've found an interesting question, you can write an answer and summarize your best ideas on the subject.

At the end of your answer, you can then refer to similar articles on the topic and provide a link.

But hold back and don't be too pushy. If you stick to the basic rules, you can win new readers and attract them to your website.

Even years later, questions on Quora attract new readers.

If you can provide a helpful, in-depth answer to a question on Quora, you can get traffic years later.

10. Reuse content

We all learn in different ways.

If all of your content is targeting the same people over and over again, you are missing out on traffic because part of your target audience is interested in content in a different form.

If you just blog posts, you lose the visual users, or those who would rather hear an audiobook.

Fortunately, there is a simple solution to this problem. You can give your content a new shape and then use it again.

First of all, you can create a small slideshow with the main arguments of your article. Then you can upload this presentation to SlideShare. The platform has 70 million users per month.

It is actually very easy to get traffic with SlideShare.

Open the slideshow on your computer and record a video. You can read the content of your article aloud as you go through the slides one by one.

When you're done, you can upload the video to YouTube.

You can then use the audio file and upload it to SoundCloud. This platform has 175 million users.

Congratulations! You have given your article a new form and published it on three new platforms.

By giving your content a new form, you can address people who are on other platforms and thus increase your traffic.

11. The 30 day challenge

We all love a good challenge!

You can get your readers excited about your content by hosting some kind of game on a specific topic.

Such games are very popular. There are even brands such as B. Whole30, whose corporate strategy is based solely on this one strategy.

The challenge should last 30 days - no more, no less. You want to use the momentum, but you mustn't bore your users.

You have to find interesting tasks for 30 days. These tasks shouldn't be too difficult to solve, but they should also be challenging and fun for the participants.

For example, if you're selling a device that can be used to measure your physical wellbeing, the challenge can be getting at least eight hours of sleep every night.

But how do you get that new traffic?

Participants like to share such challenges with their friends.

And these new users will remain with you after the 30 days if they are interested in your offer.

12. Organize a competition

Have you ever noticed that big companies and well-known brands are constantly holding competitions?

The reason for this is simple: competitions work!

Here is a campaign from M & Ms. You can win a place as an actor in their next advertising campaign.

By giving your users a gift, you can gain new traffic and potential customers.

You should first familiarize yourself with the guidelines and rules in your country. Depending on the location, these could be different.

When you have found out what is allowed, you can start.

You could be giving away a gift and choosing the winner from a post's comments.

You can count the comments after the specified amount of time and then draw a number. The comment with the corresponding number is the winner.

The winner gets the prize.

If you want to set up a more complex competition, you can use Rafflecopter. You can create a great campaign and even offer extra prizes for referrals or consolation prizes.

With such a competition you can quickly gain new traffic.

Your most loyal fans want their friends to win and therefore recommend your competition to all their friends and acquaintances.

In addition, you can collect the contact information of the participants and contact them again later.

13. Offer your expert knowledge on HARO

Have you ever read a newspaper article and wondered how the reporter got the quotes?

In the past, the reporter had to call and interview countless people.

Today there is the Internet. Many reporters use Help A Reporter Out, known as HARO.

This platform is win-win-win for reporters and website owners alike.

The reporter makes a request and looks for a quote, opinion, or good story. In return, the interviewed expert receives free advertising.

You can create an account on HARO. Click on “I'm a Source”.

Then click on “Subscribe Now”.

Then you can choose a plan. The free plan is ok if you're just getting started.

HARO will then send you three emails a day: morning, noon and evening.

Every email contains current inquiries.

Each of these requests has a brief summary. You can skim through the inquiries and search for a relevant topic.

To get even better results, you should take the following tips to heart:

  • Answer quickly. You should write your answer before the next email arrives. Reporters have little time and always short deadlines. The faster you answer, the better.
  • Shine with expert knowledge. You can't waste your time on topics that you are not familiar with. Reporters are always looking for experts. You do not have to be an officially recognized expert on the subject, but you should have specialist knowledge and experience. If not, your answer will most certainly be ignored.
  • Have something interesting to say. Many reporters already have quotes for general advice. You are looking for exceptional and unique advice. You have to offer a new perspective and thus differentiate yourself from other sources.

How can you tap some of the traffic from these big news websites? I have two ideas.

HARO quotes mostly refer to the expert's website. If readers like your advice, they'll click the link.

In addition, you develop your personal brand. Even if the readers do not call up your website immediately, you will stay with them as an expert on the topic.

If they want to find out more about the topic afterwards, they'll look for you.

14. Interview thought leaders

The challenge in influencer marketing is building and maintaining relationships with the experts in your industry.

You can interview an industry expert and then share the interview with your audience.

Such an interview is usually 30 minutes long and mostly recorded in the form of a video chat.

You don't need a podcast or YouTube channel either. You can simply upload the interview to your blog. I was interviewed by TechWyse a few years ago. The interview was then made available on their website.

There are two ways to get new traffic in this way.

Your pre-existing audience is more likely to view the interview because they are interested in the expert's advice.

These fans also like to share the interview with their friends.

In addition, the interviewed expert will be happy to share your interview, at least on social media.

Perhaps the expert even shares the interview with their email subscriber. You can ask me dearly.

15. Use to direct visitors to your site

If you share articles on social media, you're missing out on a great opportunity.

Don't just share other people's articles, use to send those people to your own website.

You can install the app, compose a message and create a CTA for any content shared.

When the user reads the article, they will see a box in the lower corner that links to your own website. (Often he then clicks on this box as well.)

The benefit of being able to write custom calls to action.

For an article on the best nutritional supplements, you can refer to an online store that sells nutritional supplements.

You can share content from other authors and at the same time send traffic to your own site.

You can even incorporate this strategy into your existing social media strategy.

16. Get new traffic with your email signature

You send emails every day.

Each of these emails has an interesting subject line.

You can use these subject lines to send traffic to your website.

The first thing you need to do is set up a landing page. This can be the homepage, but it doesn't have to be.

Then you place a link in your email signature. The link should have interesting anchor text so that it gets clicked.

If you're using Gmail, you'll need to click on the little gear.

Then select “Settings” from the drop-down menu.

You will find your email signature below. Here you select your main email address. Write a great anchor text now to attract new traffic!

You can send new visitors to your website with every new email.

Of course, these are people who are already on your email list. There are a few strategies you can use to make this method even more successful:

  • References to a recent article. If you have no problem updating your signature every week, you can refer to a recent article. So you can always introduce your latest article to the recipients of your emails and give them a good reason to visit your website!
  • Call to share. You can also ask the recipients of the emails to share your article. You can use the ClickToTweet program for this.
  • Offer a product. You can refer to a landing page where you are offering a product for sale.

Even if you only send a few emails, you can get a little more traffic this way.

17. Have a link printed on your business cards

I know your website is already on your business card.

However, very few people visit your website once they have just met you.

To change that, you can have a special link printed on the business card. Come up with an interesting headline and create a short URL.

For example, you could record a welcome video for those attending a conference. You can simply upload the video to your website.

You can point out the benefits of your content. You need to create a good landing page and use evergreen content to get the most out of this strategy.

You could also offer a free product sample, e.g. B. an e-book or one of your own tools (if you have any), and offer these products as a download using the link.

You have to be able to remember the URL, e.g.

If the link is noticeable, you can convince people to visit your website.

You can exchange your boring website for an interesting link and gain new traffic. This works particularly well when you hand out your business cards at conferences and events.

18. Publish your best articles as an e-book

Nothing is better suited to expanding the reach and visibility of a website than an e-book.

It's super easy to publish your book for use on Amazon Kindle. According to Written Word Media, Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) has grown steadily since 2014.

If you are represented in the Kindle Store, you can generate traffic for your website.

But you don't have to write a new book from scratch. You can simply use your best and most popular articles and combine them into an e-book.

Most Kindle books are only 20,000 to 30,000 words long. That's roughly 10-25 lengthy blog posts.

You should find blog posts dealing with the same topic. You can also find articles that each cover a specific step towards a specific goal.

You summarize these articles as an e-book and then provide a convincing link that points to your website. You can place this link in strategic places in the e-book.

The book can be published on Amazon and offered at a bargain price. You can also give it away. Ask your audience to read the book and leave a review on Amazon.

The more popular the book is, the more traffic it will send to your website.

Writing a good book doesn't have to be a lengthy or complicated process, but you can reap the benefits of your labor years later.

If you want to send a constant stream of new traffic to your website, this is a tried and tested strategy for attracting new fans.


Everyone would like more traffic.

If you use a few of the strategies presented in this article, you can tap into a new target group.

Always be on the lookout for new ways to target a new audience and drive more traffic to your website.

What strategies do you want to use to get more traffic?