Why do people use Steam

120 million

Advanced features

Expand the functionality of your game with these high quality features. The implementation may seem complex, but it pays off.

Steam workshop

Incorporate player-created content into your game. You determine how mods interact with your game, while Steam takes care of hosting and tracking, updates, and the payment process.

Read documentation →Steam input

Configure in-game actions with Steam input and allow players to use a variety of popular input devices as well as customize inputs according to their preferences.

Read documentation →Inventory service

We fixed the complicated issues of the backend which allows you to load and run complex, persistent player inventories faster.

Read documentation →Microtransactions

Steam microtransaction services make in-game transactions easy, secure, and hassle-free. Our platform supports 80 payment methods and 39 currencies.

Read documentation →Game search and lobbies

Take advantage of matchmaking and multiplayer lobbies on Steam so you can focus on your gameplay. Our system supports performance-based matchmaking and allows players to create, search, share and join lobbies at will.

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