Successful people think of others

7 things that successful people do very differently

Whining is not a path to success

“You're in your own way!” That is a sentence that one does not like to hear - after all, it is not exactly pleasant to admit to yourself that it is up to you if it does not work out at work. It is difficult to recognize your own behavior patterns - and even harder to finally break them.

But it's worth it! Martin Seligman from the University of Pennsylvania has researched how much one's own attitude is related to success or failure at work, and communication coach Travis Bradberry has summarized the findings for The Muse.

Success through a better outlook on life

So what do successful people do differently? According to Seligman, their success lies primarily in one ability: in how they assess their own mistakes. Successful people see mistakes as something that is within their control and so can fix them and do them differently in the future. Less successful people seek the reasons for mistakes in their personal deficits and believe that they will never get rid of them.

Anyone who repeatedly blames the cause of a mistake on their own deficits will build inhibitions about daring to do something new. Anyone who simply sees it as an ordinary stumbling block and a normal experience will be able to act constructively.

Doesn't sound difficult at all! But it is a big task for many people. To do that, we should remove these things from the list of things that are supposed to be holding us back.

1. Age

Even relaxed people sometimes have respect for aging on the back of their necks. Or the other way around: If you are still young, you often consider yourself too inexperienced to tackle certain jobs. But that's nonsense. Experience does not arise through celebrated birthdays and even with an old age you can start all over again or switch to a lower position in favor of a great job. Successful people don't let their age put them under pressure, they simply have it saved as a number and not as a state.

2. What other people think

If you get too attached to what other people think about what you do and what you say, you lose a lot of energy in the wrong place. And even more important: gives others power over their own actions. It remains important to perceive the environment - only important decisions for yourself should not depend on it. Successful people trust their own judgment and do not allow themselves to be misled by others - they can draw their self-esteem from themselves and thus put all their strength into the tasks that lie ahead of them.

3. "Toxic" people

According to Bradberry, one formula for successful people is this: They know they are the sum of the five people they spend most of their time with. Because just as the environment and dealing with people inspire you, increase creativity and your own success, so the wrong people can also pull us down. If you feel uncomfortable at one point in your life, you should not only look at yourself but also include an analysis of your own environment. Sometimes it is not (only) we ourselves who stand in our way, but someone who loads us with stress or negative feelings that we take care of instead of shaping our own life with full strength. Successful people break away from these influences and look for partners with whom they can get started together.

4. Fear

While danger arises from a real moment, fear is usually nothing but a feeling that is fed from our imagination. Successful people know that they have a choice whether or not to give fear a place in their lives. Once you have internalized this, you will understand fear as something that is worth overcoming - because the happiness of having defeated it is something that everyone likes to feel. In order to check a situation for a real danger it is often enough to simply ask: “What is the worst that can happen to you if you do this?” The point is to save for yourself that mistakes are not a knockout argument - because then you can dare to try new things, enter unknown territory and go towards success.

5. Negative influences

Life doesn't always go as planned. Most of the time it turns out very differently than you think. So what? No matter what happens, like everyone else, you have 24 hours a day to either quarrel or get ahead. Instead of dwell on the eternal "what-if", successful people run off, ask themselves what the best solution is and then implement it. Nothing more, nothing less. Before too many negative thoughts arise, one should create distance. So you can look at possible problems from the outside and solve them better than if you are emotionally deeply connected to the situation.

6. The past and the future

The past and the future are things that arise from our imagination and memory. The feeling of guilt does not change the past, fear does not change the future - or at least only to a limited extent. Successful people manage to live in the now and, by focusing on the moment, put all their energy into the present. Whoever wanders with his mind in the past or the future will never really be able to develop his own abilities. Bradberry gives two tips for dealing with the past and the future:

First, close with the past, otherwise you will allow it to shape your future as well. Successful people are at peace with themselves, can look back on this time and recognize the positive things that have brought them to where they are today.

Second: Accept the uncertainty of the future and don't burden yourself with unachievable goals. You cannot move forward with a ballast of worries. That sucks out all the energy that is needed for a good path into the future.

7. The general world situation

One look through the news feed and it is not difficult to ask yourself: Does life make sense at all in view of the many hardships? Successful people have learned to distance themselves from things that are beyond their control. The point here is not to close your eyes, but to concentrate on and really only on what you can change and shape yourself. Those who develop an awareness of the good things in life can also create them by themselves - and thus make life a more beautiful day by day. That inspires - and not just on the job.