What is your Halloween costume with little effort

DIY Halloween costumes: We made ourselves clowns for you

Halloween is just around the corner and you are still missing the right costume? Don't panic, our DIY costume ideas can still be realized at the (very) last minute. And because we didn't have the right photo content, we picked up the scissors ourselves at short notice and started a little tinkering session. Whether we are particularly talented hobbyists remains to be seen. A steep acting career was never prophesied to us. But that's not so bad, because this is mostly about the fun. For us, but above all for you! And who knows, maybe you'll find a useful idea for the scariest night of the year!

The “Oh! I had an accident"

The perfect costume for minimalists. All you need is a gauze bandage, a bit of fake blood and a little black paint (a kajal is quite sufficient for this). Now you just smear a little fake blood on the gauze bandage - it is best to use a bowl for this, because the blood can hardly be removed from furniture and clothing. After it is dry, wrap the bandage around your head (it can look confused). Here and there you can tease your hair a bit and mess it up, after all, you come straight from the scene of the accident. Now let some more blood run down your face and smear it with black paint. The “Oh! I had an accident"! So you are definitely an eye-catcher at the party.


Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf

Yes, okay, it doesn't look particularly scary, but we're always a funny duo. Little Red Riding Hood simply wears a red dress that Jana had in her closet and a bright red beret (bought in a second-hand shop for € 4). Alternatively, a red skirt with a top or a red cape would be suitable instead of the dress. The blood on the face comes from the attack of the bad wolf. The fluffy wolf costume is admittedly mostly not in the house. You can either order it here or, if necessary, simply dress in gray and wear a dark hat. Now paint the wolf gray, trace the bite marks with fake blood, and the horror tale is ready.



French bank robber with a ninja touch

You can still put this costume together when everyone else is at the party. All you need is a striped t-shirt, a black hat (for a touch of France, just use a beret and red lipstick) and a black piece of cloth. Simply cut two holes for the eyes in the black fabric. For the Ninjaturtle effect, you simply cut the holes as long as possible. Tie the whole thing around as a storm mask, outline black eyes, paint the wound. Et voilà!


Mary Poppins - zombie

Found a nice costume, but it's just not scary enough? Then just try a zombie version of it. So Jana became the horror version of Mary Poppins. All you need is an umbrella, a black skirt, a white blouse, black shoes, plastic flowers, a red ribbon and a hat. You attach the plastic flowers to the brim of your hat (you can also fold them out of colored paper). We made the red bow tie from a piece of felt and the gift ribbon, the ribbon also serves as a belt. Finally, bleach your face, spread a little blood and you can start practicing the right pose (see picture).



The crazy milliner

We've all seen Alice in Wonderland. Admittedly, I can't keep up with Johnny Depp's performance, but there's a bit of a crazy hatter in each of us. For the costume, it's best to dig deep into your closet or go to the nearest thrift store. The main thing is that it should be colorful and flashy. The basics are a blouse and vest or a brightly colored jacket, a bow tie (doesn't have to be red) and of course a hat. You tie a colorful fabric around the hat, the eyes are painted with green and orange make-up and the hair is teased. The coffee cup is your party accessory. Now you can practice looking crazy a bit, and who knows, you might find your other friends from Wonderland at the party.